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ABB Switzerland Ltd.

Christoph Haederli

1994 MS in EE, ETH Zuerich

“Voltage source inverter for doubly fed asynchronous

Scientist at ABB Corporate Resarch

“Power Electronic Systems”

Inverter Design

Distributed Power Generation

Power Network

1994 ETHZ, scientist in power electronics department

1995 Technocon AG and IDS AG, power electronics, control
electronics, windpower, drives

1998 Huggenberger AG, measurement technologies

2000 ABB Corporate Research, distributed generation

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ABB Switzerland Ltd.

Christoph Haederli

Christoph Haederli

received his Masters degree in electrical
engineering from ETH Zürich (Polytechnic University) in 1994. His
major subjects were power electronics, computer architecture,
control and simulation. He continued at ETH as a research
assistant in the field of doubly fed machines for renewable energy
applications. In 1995, he joined Technocon AG (later on IDS
Integral Drive Systems AG) working in power electronics
engineering. One of the major projects was the development of the
power electronics for a wind power plant with a doubly fed
generator. Other projects included a variable speed integral drive
motor and the development of an inverter control platform. From
1998 to 2000, he was working with Huggenberger AG in the field of
measurement technologies. In 2000, he joined ABB Corporate
Research in the group for power electronic systems and
components, where he has been working on distributed power
generation issues and inverter design. His main research interests
include inverter design, drives, power network and distributed