VeriCentre Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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VeriCentre Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


If I have a modem that supports V.92, do I have to disable V.92
. H
ow do I disable V.92?


(For more information, refer to V.92 FAQ at

for VeriCentre download, V.92 should be disabled.

To disable V.92, you must disable the following features:


Modem on Hold


Quick Connect


V.PCM Upstream

The default value for each of these commands is zero, and resetting the modem will restore t
default settings.

To disable Modem on Hold: Use AT+PMH=1

To disable Quick Connect: Use AT+PQC=3

To disable V.PCM Upstream: Use AT+PIG=1

To disable all three V.92 features at once: Use AT+PIG=1+PMH=1+PQC=3

Note: Windows TAPI programs will read t
he change from Extra Settings. If you use Windows TAPI
to disable any of the V.92 features, the AT prefix is not needed before entering the command. For
Windows TAPI programs, you may have to modify the modem init string.


What are the general guide
lines that have to be followed for setting up a Dial to TCP converter
device in VeriCentre?


When you use a dial to TCP converter device (like the Cisco
5300 or Cisco
5350 or HyperCom NAC
device) with VeriCentre, please follow the guidelines give
n below:

* Data transparency

The concentrator device should NOT act on any data characters. This
includes turning off "Data forwarding Character" and "Software Flow Control characters" on the
concentrator device. This also means that the
concentrator device should NOT send ENQ on its own
to the POS at the beginning of the download.

* One TCP connection per download

Each dial download request results in a new TCP/IP
connection being opened to VeriCentre server to the port 801
3(configurable), and the VeriCentre
download packets should be TRANSPARENTLY tunneled through this new TCP/IP connection. At
the end of a terminal download session, this TCP/IP session is disconnected.