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DSL 600 EU Static IP Configuration

Please follow these instructions very carefully on how to setup additional static ips.

Step 1

Login to the DSL modem by going to your browser and type in the address bar :

You will notice the following.


Your Main IP address should be :


Your Default Gateway should be :


Your Primary DNS should be :


Your Secondary DNS should be:

Now Simply click on Lan Configuration on the left hand side. If you are no longer in that page
simply click Basic at the top and then LAN Configuration on the left.

Under LAN Configuration >> Management IP

Input the following:

IP Address:


Default Gateway:

Host Name: ( Leave as is )

Domain: ( Leave as is )

Server and Relay Off

and hit apply. It may ask you are you sure etc etc. Just say YES or

That is all for modem configuration.

Now Config
ure your Local Computers. IP’s available for Usage are as follows:

Configuring Your Local PC’s Or Routers

Windows :


Go to start, settings, and then control panel


Click Network Connections


View Network Connections


Look in the LAN or High Speed Internet Section


Look for a Ethernet connection possibly named “Local Area Connection”


Right click on it and go to properties


There will be a list in the properties section and one of them will be “Internet Protocal


Double click “Internet Protocal (TCP/IP)


Change from Obtain IP Address Automatically to Use the following ip address.


Input the following as an example.

IP Address :

Subnet Mask:

Default Gateway:

Use the following DNS will be checked of so you use the following as :

Preferred :

Alternate :

Hit OK and then Ok again and Ok until all screens are closed.

Open up a browser and you should be connected to the internet.

Please note the only difference between this example computer and all the rest are the ip
addresses that you use. You cannot use
on all machines so machine one would be
and machine 2 would be
and machine 3 would be,
machine 4 would be

That is all you have to remember. Happy surfing