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Q. How do I connect to an Oscilloscope over Ethernet with TekVISA?

A. Use the following steps to configure the TekVISA v3.0.0 Ethernet connection between a
Windows PC and an Oscilloscope.


Launch TekVISA OpenChoice Instrument Manager.


Select Instrument
List Search Criteria, and turn on Remote LAN.


Select Instrument List Search Criteria, and turn on Local LAN.


Update the Instrument List. The Status will change from ‘Discovering LAN Devices’ to ‘Listing
LAN Devices’, and finally ‘Last Updated with t
ime stamp’ when the Instrument List is complete.


Select the Instrument LAN TCPIP descriptor for the Oscilloscope you want to establish a
connection with. If you don’t know the specific Instrument LAN TCPIP address highlight a LAN
TCPIP descriptor in the

Instruments List then select Instrument Identify to verify you have
found the correct Instrument, and TCPIP communications are working properly. You should
see the following response:


OpenChoice Instrument Manager also offers useful Applications and Ut
ilities like ‘Call Monitor’
and ‘Talker Listener’ for debug and remote control over the LAN TCPIP connection.


You may now close the OpenChoice Instrument Manager application, and use the LAN TCPIP
VISA Descriptor provided by OpenChoice Instrument Manag
er to connect to a remote control
software application like OpenChoice Desktop.