Business Management Final Exam Review Spring 2011


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Business Management

Final Exam Review

Spring 2011

The exam will include chapters 6, 8, 10, 11, 12, and 16. The following will be on the final
and will be short answer questions, make sure you are able to support your answers with
facts and examples.

apter 6:

The concepts of scarcity and opportunity cost

Contraction and expansion of the business cycle, be able to draw diagram of
business cycle

Chapter 8:

Explain the difference between intuitive and rational decision making

Describe the advantages and
disadvantages of group decision making

What are the different ways managers go about making decisions

How do managers make creative and effective decisions (brainwriting,
brainstorming etc..)

Chapter 10:

The differences between strategic and operational p

The differences among missions, goals, policies, procedures, and rules

SWOT Analysis

Chapter 11:

Role of an operations manager

Difference between continuous flow and intermittent flow operating system, give
an example of each

Factors in choosing a

site for a facility (page 259)

3 Kind of facility layouts

Chapter 12:

How do businesses prevent their workers from losing interest in their jobs

Why do managers delegate authority? Why do they choose not to?

Chapter 16:

The difference between power and

Describe 3 styles of leadership

Identify leadership skills necessary for effective management

There will be an essay question reflecting on working in the school store.