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Many Choices

You can make it as simple or complex as you want.

There is many different ways to use it

To connect to your assignments

Expand you availability to your NetSchool

Engage students

Inform parents & students

Get instant feedback (knowledge check, review, quiz, survey, etc.)

A resource for your classroom

The possibilities are endless

Don’t be intimidated


is the established “
do it yourself
” platform
to make iPhone/Android apps, with
no coding
. The self service web platform provides easy
way for any organization to create their own mobile
(iPhone, iPad, Android) applications and publishing

Creating a mobile app with iBuildapp is

You can have an app published within minutes.

The self service web platform provides easy way for
any organization to create their own mobile (iPhone,
iPad, Android) applications and publishing materials.

To start using this website
to make an app go to

Appsbar was introduced in 2011 as the first cost
free way
for anyone, at any skill level and with a limited budget, to
make rich, personalized apps that reflect their own
personality, business or event with direct access to app

It presents myriad personalization opportunities with a
unique interface that guides creators through the entire

from creation, to editing, to publication

visual and textual clues at each step.

The user also has an option create an account by
signing up using Facebook, Google+, or Twitter. With
an Appsbar account, the creator is able to save,
publish, and continually edit their app.

Each user will be allowed to make as many apps as
desired, but apps that are too simple, offensive, or fail
to meet Appsbar proprietary filters, based in part on
the guidelines of individual apps stores, will be

Such as the Soundboard option that lets the user create a
unique app by uploading any sound

such as a business
slogan or a funny sound

which can play any time a user
taps the sound on their mobile device.

Appsbar also introduces a personalized Discography,
which allows the user to upload songs or even full albums
to their app. The Discography module gives the user the
unique option to add album titles, photos, lyrics, and even
sell their music through their app!

To start using this website
to make an app go to:


Here is a link of the finished product of a class assignment to
make an app for teachers at NHS.

You will see some are more detailed than others, but as an
assignment this is what will be turned in.

This is one great example of how to use making apps in your
classroom as an assignment

You can use the students to create what you want to use as an
assignment or have them create the app you want to use.


Here is a link for more information on using this
app. This was used in a classroom to have
students make apps.


I made my Lifetime Nutrition and Wellness App on this site.

-- website widget code.

Version: 1.0.0

(c) Copyright 2012


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Your browser does not support iFrames please visit:<br><br>



Supports iPhone, iPad, Android,
Windows Phone, Windows 8, and
HTML5 compatible devices.

I made a Child Development App on

Publish bite size learning chunks,
add your YouTube training channel,
share Twitter updates, integrate
with support forums, provide
interactive quizzes.

To start using this website
to make an app go to:


Keep track of all of your apps (why make just
one?) in one place, and easily access them to
make changes and updates. You can also send
push notifications to your users, see your app
messages and update your feeds with a few
simple clicks.

See more at:



free: You can make as many apps as you want, with unlimited updates, at
no cost whatsoever. If you want more features and greater customization,
you can upgrade at any time to our paid version, which is still far less than the
thousands of dollars it costs to have an app made for you.

packed with features: Between push notifications, HTML 5
functionality, native high
resolution photo galleries, branding and design
customization, ad support, live updates, the AQI (App Quality Index) and
more, you’ll be able to make a robust, high quality app to show off your
awesome content.

simplified: Creating an app from scratch requires a lot of man hours,
money ...and often an engineering degree. AppMakr has taken care of the
complicated parts to give you a code
free solution to making your own native
app, in just minutes (a few apps in and you’ll be making them in under five).

Why should I use AppMakr?

Upload custom tab icons, splash screen images and backgrounds for your
main menu page. Choose from a static or live background

which plays a
video on a loop

to give your app a little more flavor.

To learn more go to this website for
more information:

YAPP App (that you put on
your phone) is like a folder
that you store your yapp
apps you create.

Now its adventure time: Go to these
websites and try it yourself!

If you have any questions let me

Here We Go

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neighbor and discuss
two things you
learned/liked today


Special Thank you to

Carol Schluter

Northwest High
School, CTE