Integer Addition and Subtraction Word Problems

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Integer Addition and Subtraction Word Problems

Only write a math problem for each situation below. Do not solve.

1. Tyler and Christina are playing a game in which each player
either wins, loses, or draws (ties) at

each turn. The winner of a turn is awarded 5 points, and the loser loses 5 points. If it is a draw, 0
points are awarded. For the first eight rounds Tyler had the following results: lose, win, lose, win, win,
lose, wi
n, draw. What was

not Tyler’s

point total for the rounds?

2. During an electronics experiment in your laboratory, you measure the voltage at terminal A on your

newly designed circuit. You measure
12 volts. You check the same terminal
after making a small

change to the circuit and this time you measure
18 volts. What was the voltage difference between
the two readings?

3. The temperature outside in the morning is 8º F. Throughout the course of the day, the temperature

drops 12º F.

What is the new temperature?

4. Mr. Waffle is a circus clown. He starts the day with sixty
eight pieces of candy. At the end of the

day he has given away 383 pieces of candy. How many more pieces of candy did he have to get to
be able to give away
that many pieces?

5. Tasha finished the first draft of her history essay. The teacher said it had to be at least six hundred

words long. She counted the words in her draft and found she had 369. How many more words does

she need to meet the minimum wo
rd count for the assignment?

6. Courtney is very interested in cryogenics (the science of very low temperatures). With the help of

her science teacher she

is doing an experiment on the e
ffect of low temperatures on bacteria. She
cools one sample of ba
cteria to a temperature of
58°C and another to
85°C. What was the
temperature difference in the two experiments?