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Dear Dr. Deuterium:

I am writing with very distressing news. Two days ago one of our colleagues, Zinthane
Zirconium, was found in his laboratory. Not uncommon I guess, except he had expired, the
victim of foul play. The police are baffled, because he apparently stopped


on his morning sugared fruit and bagel. We are calling on you to help if possible, as
we know you were lifelong friends with Zinthane. After all, he did develop the cut
free cover
on all the golf balls you lose. Please help us if
you can. I have taken the liberty of giving you a
list of suspects, and the following page is the forensics report.

Here is the suspect list:

Horatio Hydronium

He is apparently tied to a foreign agency, although we cannot prove it. We believe he has
passing secrets to them via the internet, by using coded messages. He has been upset with
Zirconium ever since his thesis titled

Bears Get Cold Too” was discredited by Dr. Z
because the research was faked in Hawaii.

Molly Molybdenum

She is

a real piece of work?

14 years as a professor of metallurgy at MIT, she became an
arsonist. After her release from prison, Dr. Z hired her to work on his newest project;
cryogenics. She has been very cool toward his ever since.

Cory Colloid

is guy has been suspected from more jobs than you can imagine. He was just removed from
the lab last week for violating procedures. I heard he attempted to separate an azeotrope.

Dr. Natasha Neutron

She is extremely unreliable. When she is around thin
gs get heavy. Her claim to infamy goes
way back. In high school she and Dr. Z dated, but he broke
up with her because she was

Professor Argentum

Is this man a gold digger! He has been competing with our lab ever since he can remember.

jealously of Dr. Z is coming knowledge. He is so whacko, he went on the Tonight Show and
claimed to have been with Hydronium in Hawaii, and assured everyone there is a cold region
called Kelvin’s Half
Acre there.

In closing, I beg you to come to our
assistance; we are in dire need. Thank you for your tie and


Professor Vernal Vanadium

Chemistry Department

City of Selenium, State of Chaos: FORENSICS REPORT

CASE # 23434653248323509834

SUBJECT: Evidence surrounding Zinthane Zirconium


Muddy footprint in laboratory: Dirt from boot or shoe:

Color: Light brown

Texture: Clay
like powdery

pH test: pH = 11 (basic)


Note at scene: “Enjoy the snack”

Written in two colors: Red R factor:





Black R factor: water





White crystalline powder on counter near Dr. Z’s desk fruit:

Chemical comp
osition unlike any used in the lab

Similar molecular structure to some hallucinogenic

Melting point 177.8 F



Granular mixture in bottom of Dr. Z’s thermos:

Mixture of a soluble substance and an insoluble perhaps

“carrier” substance

Test Results:

Separation by filtration

insoluble substance had non
specific density
ranging: 1.9
2.8 g/mL

White solid chars
when heated. It is a sugar look
alike. Toxic substance


Liquid found in Dr. Z’s juice glass:

Color: Pink. Could pass for dilute papaya, cranberry or peach juice.

Absorbance: .321 at 500 nm

Analysis: Toxic


It appears the killer was takin
g no chance of failure, adding a toxic substitute to the
coffee, another to the fruit juice glass, and a third to the fruit dish.