AP Macroeconomics, Spring Semester 2011


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AP Macroeconomics, Spring Semester 2011

Ms. Flora, Room 116

lass Webpage: www.quia.com/pages/dflora/page3

Phone: (817) 949


Conference Hours: 4th and 8th
Class Periods

Tutorials: 7:00 a.m.

or by appointment

The purpose of the Advanced Placement Macroeconomics course is to give students a
thorough understanding of the principles of economics that apply to an economic system as a
whole. The course places emphasis on the study of national in
come and price
determination, and also develops students’ familiarity with economic performance measures,
the financial sector, stabilization policies, economic growth, and international economics.
Another goal of this course is to prepare students
to take the AP Macroeconomics exam on
May 12, 2010 and receive a score that will exempt them from college level introductory


McConnell and Brue. Economics 16

Ed. Boston; McGraw
Hill/Irwin, 2005
This textbo
ok is
print but c
an be easily found on i
nternet sites at a very reasonable price. Look for a blue
and white cover picturing a contemporary building. Make sure you are buying the textbook and
not the study guide. Sometimes the textbook includes Multimedia Discover Econ w
ith Paul
man. We do not use this feature during the course so it is not necessary.

Mankiw. N. Gregory. Principles of Macroeconomics 2

Ed. Fort Worth; Harcour




The school will provide the Mankiw textbook for each student.
You must
return the book in its original condition to be cleared for exemptions and academic records like
report cards, transcripts, and diplomas. I will also keep a class set of the Mankiw textbook in
my room.

5 Steps to a 5, AP Microeconomics/Macroecono
ics, 2009
2010 (or any recent edition) by
Eric R. Dodge

Although this AP test preparation book
is not required,
it is highly recommended
for this class.

This book is available for sale in bookstores or over the internet for
approximately $17.00.

ily Grades:


of your six weeks grade will be based on quizzes, worksheets, homework assignments, and
class participation. Some assignments might include on
line quizzes.
If you are unable to take
the quiz on
line, you may take the quiz in my room bef
ore school.

The lowest daily grade will
be dropped each six weeks.


% of your six weeks grade will be
based on major exams and “Free Response Questions.” At
the end of each unit
, you will be given a majo
r test. You may expect 2
major tests eac
h six
weeks. Test questions will come from your textbook, as well as from class lectures and
Questions will be similar to the ones asked on the AP Exam.

Class Webpage:

My webpage will contain the cla
ss calendar as well as Power P
oints, ha
ndouts, worksheets, and
links to helpful sites.

I suggest you make a copy of any Power Point presentations prior to
attending class. This will make note taking easier for you.

up Work for Excused Absences:

Students returning to class following an
absence are responsible for finding out from the
teacher what work is to be completed and a date for such completion

Assignments done in
class (class work, homework, quiz, test) on the day a student is absent for a field trip or
extracurricular activity
are due at the next class meeting. Work assigned prior to the absence(s)
is due on the first return day, including making up tests. Make
up tests are to be completed
during an off
block, or before and after school.
up tests should not be taken durin
classroom time.

Late work:

Late work will not be accepted for any assignment.

(Remember: the lowest daily grade will be


If you are tardy, sign the ta
rdy log. If you are more than 2
0 minutes late, you will
need an
admission slip from the front office and
you will be counted absent for

final exam exemption

Final Exam:

You must have an 85 semester average and no more than two absences or three tardies to be
exempt from the final exam.
Excused absences due to approved school
related events or
college visits are NOT counted as an absence for exemption purposes. Excused absences due to
illness or doctors’ appointments WILL count as an absence for exemption purposes.

If you take
the fina
l exam, it will count as 20% of your final grade.

Classroom Rule

Respect yourself, your classmates, and me.

Expect great things; attempt great things.

Classroom Goal:

Everyone takes the AP Exam!! May 12!!

Classroom Procedures:

When you arrive in the cla
ssroom, check your class folder for returned papers and new
relating to the day’s lesson.

You may eat and drink in my classroom as long as you clean up your trash.

You may wear a hat in the classroom.

Cell phones must be turned off and in your
purse or backpack. If a cell phone is used
during class without permission, it will be taken to the office.

You may not listen to music during lectures and classroom activities.

Class is over when I dismiss you,
not when the bell rings
. Remain in your se
ats until you
are dismissed.

Classroom Supplies:

At least two large tipped white board markers

I prefer “Expo” brand,
black color

Although not required, I would appreciate any of the following supplies: Kleenex (or
other brand) tissues, pencils, pens, w
hite notebook paper