Mobile Traffic Guidance System

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Mobile Traffic Guidance System

Recent years have witnessed telecommunication and information technologies operate
proactively in various domains in addition to traditional voice and multimedia communications.
Vehicular traffic navigation systems ha

been gaining increasing popularity over the last

Accordingly, GPS systems with the aid of traffic network maps have been able to direct
millions of vehicles between a desired source and a desired destination across the globe. Such
GPS service has
been guiding vehicular traffic towards routes that are based on minimum


between source/destination pairs without


route states in terms of

within its calculations. In recent years, the seco
generation of vehicular guidance systems has

been investigated
with the objective of
calculating routes based on actual estimations for

coverage between source/destination
pairs. To that extent, mechanisms for collecting and predicting information
about actual live
traffic state across the traffic network become crucial. One approach to collect online traffic
state is to have mobile terminals with GPS functionality report their location and actual speed
periodically to a central database to be used
by the routing algorithm. Another approach is use
cellular reports collected by the base station such as handoff rate, signal strength variations, etc
to also contribute to the traffic state database.

The objective of this project is to develop a smart mob
ile traffic guidance/navigation system for
the city of Cairo, Egypt. The project supports two bachelor theses as follows:


The student in this thesis is asked to develop a traffic monitoring software package that
supports the following:


A server that is Java based supporting a database for Cairo city traffic city maps and
state of different routes.


Multiple clients that are android based for mobile terminals. The developed clients
should support reporting traffic state information they c
ollect to the server. The clients
should also report routines for requesting guidance between source destination pairs
and user interface for displaying generated routes by the server.


Traffic monitoring algorithms for collecting traffic state information
based on GPS
and/or cellular network available information.


The student in this thesis is asked to
investigate and
develop a

routing algorithm
for guiding vehicles between given source/destination pairs. Th
is could be achieve
d by
considering the following components:


Converting Cairo traffic maps into a network graph to be used for the proposed routing


Selecting/devising an efficient (in terms of routing calculation accuracy and efficiency)
routing algorithm for tr
affic guidance calculations.


Selecting a smart cost function for the vertices of the graph representing the traffic
network. The cost function should be smart in the sense that it incorporates not only
online monitored route states but also projected patte
rns of trends of sections within
these routes based on history knowledge. (Note that the route the algorithm selects

must have an element of prediction for sections the vehicle is expected to cover
within half an hour for example).