Heavy Vehicle E-Check List

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What is it?

The Heavy Vehicle E
Check List is a smart phone / tablet application that is primarily used for drivers
to complete check lists like fitness for duty, pre departure and end of shift check lists electronically.
also has a number of secondary features listed below.


Company document distribution for viewing on the smart phone / tablet


Vehicle fault reporting



How does it work?

It works on any Android device that is running Android 4.0 or above. This gi
ves a wide variety of
devices that if can be used
, right from small 2” smart phones up to 10” tables and android laptops.

Android devices are very cost effective with 7” tablets starting from $80.

The device shows check lists that have been created by the

company. It stores the results of these
check lists and then uploads them to a company owned or central server whenever there is a network
connection. The data can be uploaded via WiFi, Ethernet, 3G or 4G
device dependent

What are the benefits?


d paper usage


Drivers do not have to submit paperwork as often as they do. In most cases as soon as the
driver has finished their check list the data has already been uploaded to the server for admin
review. Extremely useful for drivers that do not come b
ack to base.


Drivers do not have to carry around thick manuals for company procedures. Through the
intuitive user interface all company documents can be made available on the device.


You can generate reports easily from the data collected without having
to get an admin person
to key in all the paperwork.


Ensure that all vehicle check lists are up to date without having to check the paperwork in each


Drivers can check to see if a fault with a vehicle has already been reported so as to avoid
double reporting a fault.

There are many other benefits but these are a few of the major ones.

The Future

As with all our products there is ongoing development to improve upon the system.

Fatigue Management Integration

Allowing users to enter the drivin
g hours they have done with external companies, and comparing this
to their current roster in your company we can get reports about people who are going to breach
Heavy Vehicle E
Check List

fatigue management laws and take action before it happens. This will ensure your duty of care

minimal effort from an admin perspective.

Job Card Entry for Technicians

Giving mechanics and cleaning staff the ability to enter their own details onto jobs for vehicles will
eliminate double entry into maintenance systems.

Route Guidance

Have dri
vers that need to change runs or emergency drivers in case your usual driver is not available.
No need to teach them where to go. When this feature is implemented then the device will instruct
driver using GPS navigation from stop to stop.

Passenger Manif

Using barcode imaging this feature will enable drivers to know
where their passengers are getting on
and where they are getting off. Combine this feature with route guidance and you will be able to put
any driver on any run without having to train the
m first.

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