Association of Secretaries General of Parliaments

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Association of Secretaries General of Parliaments




Secretary General of the Council of the Federation of the Federal Assembly of the
Russian Federation


Participant’s electronic briefcase: mobile online information system for
parliamentary events and meetings of the Council of the Federation

Geneva Session

October 2013


Dear colleagues!

Ladies and Gentlemen!

More and more people nowadays prefer to communicate, work and surf
Internet through their mobile devices. It is both convenient and effective.

In order to provide informational support in course of various activities
(forums, conferences etc.) by the Coun
cil of the Federation, we have developed and
introduced a special information system called “Participant’s electronic briefcase”.
rom the user’s point of view its core component is the mobile application

“Participant’s briefcase” (hereinafter

the mobi
le application).

The aforementioned mobile application enables participants to use their
mobile devices to get the latest information on preparation and overall status of an
event. The interface is available both in English and Russian, which makes the
application relevant for
domestic and international events
. The language is
defined automatically

in case Russian is not the system language of a mobile
device, the English version is used.

This application is a cross
platform product. In other words, i
t is fit for tablet
computers and smartphones with the following operating systems: iOS, Android and
Windows Mobile. In order to get access to the mobile application, participants need
to download and install it in their mobile devices and get authorizatio
n details (login
and password) from event organizers. Successful connection provides access to the
following information sections:






Card holder

Personal profile


shows in brief the details of an event:
its place, contacts with
ommittee; in addition, this section may be used to send a question or
comments to the steering committee.


shows the event’s schedule, including time and place of current
meetings and information on speakers
. This section may be used to add a meeting
to the list of favorites and access an interactive map showing the place of a meeting.


shows the event’s information, interviews with participants, latest
changes in the schedule.


show all

documents and materials received in the course of
preparation and holding an event. The mobile application can filter documents and
materials based on language and subject. For the purposes of further work, users
may send certain documents to an electroni
c address or add them to the list of


shows the layout of rooms, exhibition zones, entertainment and
catering areas. The scheme may be zoomed and studied in detail.

“Card holder”

processes business cards given to users in the course of
ommunication with other participants of an event. This function enables users to
process new contacts immediately, without any manual operations, and keep them in
the address book of a mobile device for further use.

“Personal profile”

shows participants’ personal data, their favorite meetings
and documents.

Advantages of the mobile application include the following:

Complete latest event information in participants’ mobile devices, which
facilitates efficient work.

Assistance provided
to the steering committee in course of preparation
and holding an event (
answers to many questions asked by participants are in their
mobile device

Electronic access to all issued documents, which reduces the flow of
documents in hard copy.

The mobile a
pplication may be used many times and for different
events, which enables informational support without additional costs.

“Participant’s electronic briefcase” was first used in course of preparation and
holding the 21

APPF session in Vladivostok. It w
as positively met by forum
participants, members of delegations and accredited journalists. This information
system is under constant development; it is widely used in the Council of the
Federation for various activities.

Improvement of mobile communicat
ion services is one of the priorities in
introducing information technologies to the activity of government authorities, mainly
because almost everyone nowadays has a mobile phone or tablet computer. These
devices are convenient for quick delivery of const
antly changing information to event
participants and mass media (program and time of an event, list of speakers, draft
outcome documents).