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Sample Projects
Train Routes
iOS Application
Train schedule database where you can input current location and destination. It will output
travel time with respective travel routes. The information displayed will be train stations, train
line, train fare, schedule, and travel time in ascending order, checking when is the next train
from one location to another. Interface will include current date and time fields that can be
manually changed. The database may also need to be updated twice a year.
Challenges: Display the shortest way and the travel time between two locations
Skill set: Objective-C, XCode, SQLite, GPS, Wifi
Sample Projects
Android Game
User tap on the screen to control the Spaceship to shoot the meteor by its rocket, and orther
ship come from the space. The point of user will be increase every time the Spaceship shoot
the meteor or others ship. If the Spaceship was shoot by others ship or hit by the meteor it’s
shield will be decrease until hit zero, the Spaceship is destroy. The complex of the game is
increase by time, if the Spaceship is not destroy in 15 minutes, you will be won in that game.
User can customize their Spaceship, choose the rocket for Spaceship and choose the scene.
Challenges: Design the game to appeal user, and control the sound of Spaceship, the source
of Spaceship destroy, the sound of meteor destroy,…
Skill set: Android, SQLite, XML, Java Socket, Wifi/GPS
GPS/ Wifi/3G
Google maps integration
Video Streaming
Open GL
Socket programming
Multithread programming
Interface Builder
SQLite browser
MIClient is one of some Mobile Application Projects of MobileIron ( –
Our current client located in USA.
MobileIron is an enterprise application which manages not only iOS but all Smartphone
MIClient is installed to smartphone and works as a thin client. It collects all smartphone’s infor-
mation to update to server (portal) as well as receiving commands from server to control all
smartphone’s activities.
Some main features:
View SMS, call and data logs. Logs are collected by MIClient and sync to server
Roaming feature. Also collect roaming sms, call and data logs
View the phone’s status: battery level, signal strength, memory , device info
File managements
Application managements and app control (In-house)
Security Policy
Applying setting: VPN, email, active sync, exchange setting, Wifi, etc
Turn on/off camera, Bluetooth, network connection, etc
Remote control smartphones
Locate the phone bases on GPS and Cell tower location
Backup & restore all phone’s data: files, contacts, sms messages, call logs to server
Phone’s battery drains off quickly because
Miclient always keeps the connection to server
The connection to server is not stable enough
because mobile devices are always moving
Take time and impact to the phone’s perfor-
mance while syncing a huge data to server
We do not keep the connection full time
connected, it is only establish if triggered by user
or receive “wake up” command from server as
SMS messages
Make the data channel is not only wifi but also 3G
network, GPRS, EDGE and SMS. Make sure the
Miclient can talk to server all the time wherever
and vice versa
Use a “differential syncing” process in which we
don’t sync all phone’s data but only what differ-
ence with the repository store on server. Also
separate the syncing process into many small
slots and do it in the any mean time
The product has done and been working
We delivered 3 milestones to MobileIron
"Our working relationship with EverS over the
year has been an absolute pleasure. The
professionalism that EverS team posses and
their willingness to work around our schedules
was truly impressive. We benefited from their
work more than we did from other companies.
We value the experience with EverS."
Suresh Batchu,
Founders & VP of Engineering,
MobileIron Inc.
Dec, 2009
Sample Projects
iOS Application
GPS/ Wifi/3G
Sound processing widget
Google maps integration
Video Streaming
Open GL
Interface Builder
SQLite browser
How to share the items’ prices between users?
How to validate the input data from users?
How to quickly response to user request while
querying big databases.
Common way, user input data will be synced
to server then share to all whenever they get
online. Beside, user is able to share the data
to other deliberately via wifi, 3G network
or SMS.
Define the rest of rules to filter and validate
user date before updating data into server
Beside organizing/optimizing well database,
we indexed and separated data into several
pieces related to each areas so that we can
quickly query the result.
Sample Projects
iOS Application
iPAM (Internet Personal Accounting Manager) is useful utility which is developed for
Vietnam market.
Main features:
Planning/managing personal/family to-do list (providing a different way for inputting data
to make more interesting)
Reminder/Alarm based on the planning set
Managing daily/monthly/yearly expense/asset of users
Daily/monthly/yearly report
ATM machine location, suggesting direction to the machine
Searching the famous place to go with map
All input data from users will be synced into server and shared to other
Local database on client will be updated from server periodically or manually
New version of the software updated
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