the Sea of 1982,

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The Convention on the Law of
the Sea of 1982

the Law of the Sea


By Matt Wagner

Period 3 APES

The Basics

LOSC is an international
law passed by the United
Nations, put into effect in

It is the result of three
separate conventions
between 1982 and 1994;
the last one in 1994
having been the major

The treaty was ratified by
60 nations.

Basics plus!

LOSC sets up three zones
of ocean territory to be
governed by a given
coastal nation, and then
provides terms for
recognizing international

A country’s “territory”
extends 12 miles off
shore, and they have
economic rights for 200
miles (see image slide 4).

The UN Division for
Ocean Affairs and the
Law of the Sea is
responsible for
enforcement of LOSC.

LOSC also provides
regulations in offshore
drilling, mining, and
fishing. Aquatic
pollution standards are
also set.

This is how
the oceans
are split up