Offshore Drilling

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Data Source:
U.S. Energy Information Administration

Architecture 2030

SC Department of Commerce

Offshore natural gas drilling will not likely have
a significant, direct economic impact in terms of
new jobs and capital investment in SC”

“It is undetermined whether potential royalty
payments would foster economic growth”

Oil & Gas Reserves

(MMS Estimates)

Atlantic Region



3.82 billion barrels = 6+/

month supply

Natural Gas


36.99 trillion cubic feet = < than
2 years supply

South Carolina


14 million barrels = 16


Natural Gas

3.6 trillion cubic feet = <3
month supply

What’s Happening in Virginia?

In 2006, Gov. Kaine of Virginia signed a bill supporting federal
efforts to determine how much natural gas exists 50 or more miles
off the Atlantic coast.

But Delacey Skinner, Kaine's communications director, said the
Bush administration's proposed review goes beyond what Kaine had
requested. She said the administration appears to be preparing for a
"carte blanche leasing out of drilling rights."

"The state's official position . . . was we asked for a narrow
lifting of the moratorium that was targeted specifically for
exploratory drilling for natural gas only," Skinner said. "In that
sense, this is significantly different from what Virginia was

Skinner added, "There are a number of issues that Virginians
would like to see resolved before anyone moves forward with
something this sweeping."