The FIRST Tech Challenge a chronology

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The FIRST Tech Challenge

a chronology

Presented by:

John Pilvines, founding coach for

FTC0001 []

We acknowledge the efforts and copyrights of FIRST,
LEGO Education and
Without their generosity,
the FIRST Tech Challenge would not exist!

FTC Chronology

Challenges past . . . from FIRST Frenzy

First FVC season lasted one month, from challenge
release and equipment delivery to the demonstration
competition at the World Championships in Atlanta

53 team Invitational challenge, scaled down in size from
previous season FRC challenge

FIRST Frenzy

Vex Development System steel and plastic hardware,
supplied by Radio Shack, developed from the

system used to train rookie FRC teams

No autonomous

software not ready in time

Our team name became “Team Unlimited”

“Sharon Eagle Robotics Unlimited” too long for MC

We liked it, we kept it

FTC Chronology

FTC Chronology

Challenges past . . . from FIRST Frenzy

2005 FVC Demonstration Field


Key tasks

team members shooting whiffle softballs
into goals, capping goals with doubling ball, robot
hanging from bar at end of match

Vex Robotics Development System


Motors all servos (angle and continuous rotation)

based microcontroller

Square holes in steel structural pieces

FTC Chronology

FTC Chronology

Challenges past . . . Half Pipe Hustle

2005/6 FVC Pilot Field


Pilot Season

130 teams competed

Gather balls from floor or wall feeders

Score in corner or center goals

Easy C introduced to enable autonomous coding

Bonus for parking
on center pads at
end of period

FTC Chronology

Challenges past . . .


7 FVC Extended Pilot Field


Extended Pilot Season

554 teams competed

Autonomous 20 sec, operator
control 2 min

Gather balls from floor piles

Score in low or high goals, control doubling ball

Bonus for parking or hanging at end of period

FTC Chronology

Challenges past . . . Quad Quandary

8 FTC Competition Field


FTC now an official program

799 teams competed

Autonomous 20 sec, operator 2 min

Gather 3” rings from floor piles

Score rings on side or mobile goals, 18” & 24” posts

Bonus for moveable goals in alliance quadrant

FTC Chronology

Challenges past . . . Face Off!

9 FTC Competition Field


986 teams competed

Autonomous 30 sec, operator 2 min

Gather 3” pucks from wall feeders

Score rings into center goals, low, middle and high

Double count for pucks scored in autonomous

Tetrix Robotics Development System
Introduced to Replace Vex System

LEGO Mindstorms NXT as microcontroller

Secondary chained driver modules to control DC gear
motors and servos

Aluminum structural components

light and rugged

LEGO components allowed as well

Some additional non
kit parts allowed (sheets of
aluminum or plastic etc)

Tetrix system integrated by LEGO Education in USA

Bluetooth remote control from microcomputer

Robot C and

introduced for coding

FTC Chronology

Tetrix Robotics Design Platform

FTC Chronology

FTC Chronology

Challenges past . . . Hot Shot!

10 FTC Competition Field


1111 teams competed

Autonomous 30 seconds, operator 2 min

Gather 3” whiffle balls from corner feeders

Score balls into center goals

low and high

Balls to outside boxes only during last 30 sec

Double score for goals with doubling balls, double score for balls
scored during autonomous

Double score for
balls scored in
autonomous, double
score for goals with
yellow doubling
balls (last 30 sec)

FTC Chronology

Challenges past . . . Get Over It!

11 FTC Competition Field


1606 teams competed

Autonomous 40 sec, operator
controller 2 min

Park above center divider, gather batons (including doublers)
& move goals across center divider during autonomous

Gather batons from wall dispensers during operator control

Score batons into low & mid moveable goals

Score magnetic batons into high moveable goals

Balance robots & goals
during last 30 seconds

Samantha Wi
Fi module

added for remote control

FTC Chronology

Challenges past . . . Bowled Over!

12 FTC Competition Field


Autonomous 30 sec, operator
controller 2 min

During autonomous, upright crates, park robots & bowling balls in
parking areas

Gather racquet balls and place in crates or in low goal during
operator control, then stack crates

the higher the better

Home Zone = low goal, stack without interference

Magnetic balls into off
field goal

Bowling balls &
crates on platforms
only during last 30

FTC Chronology

Challenge current . . . Ring It Up!

13 FTC Season

More teams than ever!

More international than ever!

More fun than ever!

2011/12 Designing for FTC with Tetrix Workshop

Challenges past . . .

Partial list of potential tasks

Climb a step or ramp

Hang from a bar

Pickup and place objects, from/to various positions

Balls of all sizes, rings, batons, pucks, . . .

From floor level to above robot starting height

Small to large, light to heavy

Move structures to various locations on field

End with robot at a designated location

Have team member perform tasks

Have the robot “shoot” balls

Find magnetic or heavy objects

Detect IR beacon

So far . . .


Team Unlimited [FTC 0001] can be
contacted through our website


FTC Chronology