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Stein, Jack


Tuesday, October 10, 2006 12:42 PM


Johnson, Robert; Smelser, Ronald


Simineau, Wesley; Edgecombe, Jason; Dyer, Rodney; Whisler, David; Rao, Nayana; Chaney,
David; Patil, Shyam; Patton, Timothy; Rhodes, Terry



Computing Status for week ending Oct 2

Oct 8, 2006

Mosaic Computing Status for week ending

Oct 2


Oct 8, 2006


Jack Stein:


* We are looking i
nto using VMWare for virtualization of Windows XP so that we can support
installing hard to install applications under Mosaic.

Released test version of VMWare with
Crystalball application to Dr Lim for feedback.

So far he has only one major issue, startu
p of the
virtual guest OS takes about 3 minutes and the mouse movement is a bit jerky.

We are also
looking into using VMWare for extending MosaicAnywhere sessions.

* Met with Mike Carr to review workstation funding process where ITS is approving all
orkstation purchases. Reviewed details with Dean Johnson.

Software Releases:


We plan to roll out a software update on Windows XP on Oct


1. Netbeans


2. Java 1.5 updated


3. Hypermesh


4. Math

[Rodney to set up with new concurrent 10 user license]

5. Unfree locked files on logout [Rodney]

6. Update to SSL Certificate [Rodney]

7. Support for 2 printers [Rodney]


Removal of CES Edupack from the Windows Mosaic menu
, remove from license

freeing up the volume or from getting into local C drive.


We updated our software license for NAG and for



up with

Mike Carr the following:

a. Sassafras Client

a new version;

do w
e have to continue to identify all of our Mosaic
systems to the Sassafras server.


There is no

Matlab campus wide license available.


Adobe Professional

concurrent 10 user version can be acquired from Ray Barger. Our
Mosaic Windows version is

out of date.

d. Have received latest version of Hummingbird Exceed (11.0.0). Our Mosaic Windows version
is out of date.

We are licensed for 60 seats


We are still working on the following for the next software release:

Crystal Ball



Rodney is working on this and we have a VMWare version of this
software on a guest Windows XP systems that Dr. Lim is testing on rws40.

Solidworks (Windows)

Dave Chaney is working on this.


Wes is working on this with
Dr. Chen.

Autodesk VIS, Inventor FEA

Dave Chaney is planning to work on this next

SAS/JMP (Windows)
Dave Chaney is planning to work on this next

On deck are the following requests:

Dyna for Howie Fang.

Received the softw
are and license from Mike Mosley.

We will
install and run a license server for after we complete some other higher priority installs.



MatLab from Mathworks license renewal.


Andrew Willis

to provide

renewal request; got ok from Le
e Casperson to renew. Purchase Order Process to renew

Mentor Graphics license renewal. Got vendor quote. Will ask sponsor for renewal request.

Whitesmoke software. Looking to see if we can get this software available

to stu
dents to purchase or on a recommended software list on our Web site.

Quicktime w. ITunes (Windows)

Real VNC (Windows)

on hold

Going forward each and every engineering application software renewal will need to be re
justified by the sponsor.

We are making sure that the we still have justification for the application
and the number of seats that we are renewing.

We also need to be able to show

due diligence

as our application software suite gets scrutinized

from outside of COE.

All softwa

documentation Requests, PR, PO, Quotes, licensing, formal requests from the sponsor

is now
being tracked on N:

and in a summary spreadsheet in



* We plan to meet with

key Unix and Linux faculty in the COE by end of Oct 2006 and


come up with a proposed strategy



2006 on

a Mosaic Unix and Linux.

Jason making good progress with setting up AFS Test Cell.

* Plan to
have an all day planning retreat with Mosaic Computing for later part of Oct 2006.


Our Mosaic PC Desk top System management strategy continues making progress:

We have sent an inventory of all

Mosaic PC, Unix and Linux Systems to CFAC members
king them to identify primary Mosaic systems and secondary one. This is a necessary
audit that we must conduct yearly to make sure our data bases are up to the most current
information. We have received feed back from everyone.

ME still on the hook to get

us a
list of Linux, Unix and secondary systems.

Policy is in place on dealing with

secondary Mosaic PC workstation that are targeted to
be converted to a non
Mosaic workstation.

On Oct 2 all Mosaic Lite systems ceased to work, as planned.

Resolved the


from some faculty to have a Primary Mosaic
Workstation become a non

Mosaic workstation

is counter to the Mosaic policies.

we will

provide a primary workstation to any faculty that is teaching.

* Working with Mike Herman,
Ron Smelser, Steve Clark and Nayana

on LCD signage project for
College of Engineering.

We the 2nd floor Woodward

plasma display showing power point slides
and live web screen shots inside power point.

The same has been set up for the 1st floor

plasma display.

We are assessing the use of

the interactive overlay at this

Mike has developed a set of

written requirements for the Woodward displays and we will
work with the ECE committee to close up on these.

We are working with Steve Cla

and Lee
Perkins on resolving several issues with Woodward plasma displays.

* ITS is still working to get

UPS systems in Smith for networking gear.

* Classroom Podiums to replace or add

for Smith and CARC are being coordinated by Ron

* Terry

continues making good progress with deployment aspect of the Computer Server Room
vamp/consolidation project.

* Terry continues working on consolidation of storage space in Smith and off site.


We still need to complete the full depl
oyment of the


1U Dell rack mount PC for
migrating/consolidating our internal infra structure services

(3 Active Directory, 1 License
Server, 1 probe Server and 2 spare Servers). Rodney

is depending on

Wes to help on these
and to also gain trai

* As a place holder and reminder for Mosaic Computing I am itemizing what we have to revisit
and address:


I have committed to ITS that we will evaluated use of Symantec

Anti Virus for Mosaic instead of McAfee and we could save abou

$7500 a year by doing that.


We need to get the auto

builds set up to handle the

Podiums with the

SmartBoard software that Tim manually installed.


We need to address the integration of Mosaic/Kerberos with ID Management


We need to figure out why the Kiosk systems failed with Okinit from Oracle

but worked with MIT kinit when we upgrade the PC systems.


We need to figure out how to capture Xserver usage/utilization

data to make sure we have
these servers understood. (being addressed by Shyam)

F. We need to re
visit how we integrate Netware access to Mosaic.

G. Need to get our new Build servers to work in a load balancing set up.

* Dave W spending

time on the CMIS data base (tab
le definition, mapping,

schema, data input
methodology, report generation, etc)

for SPART and ABET.

* Wireless Networking usage data of Wireless Access Points on:


to see how this technology is
getting used and if we should expand coverage. September usage data is posted.

* The Application Request project for tracking applications software requests, install and usage

has been suspended

no resources

are available to continue with the project. Plan to re
activate the project with help from student technical specialist.

* Status on the following User Support projects:


Incident Tracking.


requirements fo
r this project have been identified.

The Open Source package Request Tracker (RT) has been identified..


Knowledge Base for Mosaic.


requirements for this project have been identified.

The Open Source package Request Tracker

with the FM module has been identified..



Working with COAS for Mosaic workstations. They have re

the workstations

Pike is doing that) and dropped the number of

Unix workstations that need Mosaic support.


working with Jef
f Rabon at COIT for audit of COE based software they are using and the
fund transfer for this (all by Taghi)

for a total of $5250.


Monitoring the survey of Engineering students to assess computing profile of


get a
sense of their views abou
t our labs and help desk and prod them to see if

we made available

engineering PODcasts would they


pod casting to enhance their COE education.
Working with Kim at Student Voice to compile an electronic version.

Survey was sent out Oct 2
and wi
ll end

Oct 17. Results of the survey will be compiled and discussed at the fall 2006 AIM
meeting with COE department heads.



vacation Oct 2,

5,6 and


Then Oct 13 and 16.

Tim Patton:


Obtained configuration and price quote
s for new Mosaic machines.

Cleaned viruses off a laptop for Shenin Chen in CE.

Attended Chancellor's reception.

Worked on printer problems for ME, Kathy Lloyd in PE.

Swapped out my standalone XP machine for a Non
operational Mosaic Lite


d on email problems with Steve Johnson in Motorsports.

Met with Cathy Blat to discuss her PHP web site for Freshman Learning.

The project was cancelled due to continuing problems.

Met with Telecom concerning cabling and networking for security cameras in


Cameras are on order but have not been received.

Planned Leave:

Dr. appts 2 Oct, 9 Nov

9 Oct, 30 Oct, 1/2 day 27 Oct

Wes Simineau:


Attended Weekly Staff meeting

Attended Application Status meeting

Continued training on Server


Working with

to resolve DESSIS (
) problem

Processing Email

Jason Edgecombe:


* got three old machines as test machines for my office

* installed RHEL4 & vmware on the three test machines

* setup


RHEL4 gu
est OS'. One

with a wiki and compiled MIT kerberos in the other.

* installed the new NAG license

* installed a standalone Solaris 10 on ws50 in my office

* Installed RHEL 4 & VMware on a Dell

Poweredge, vms
sm1 for Rodney to test.

* attended ITS LocalAdmin
's meeting

* helped Shyam get rwhod working on a linux machine for the xserver status project. It didn't want
to get the status of xs
sm1 or is

Dave Whisler:


SPART Database:

Met with Patty, Ron, and Jack.

I am continuin
g to work on development of the database
schema for this project.

It includes work on a

method of mapping

survey questions together from
different time periods

for trending purposes.

Mapping is needed since the Student Voice service
is not providing the
mapping data in their download.

It is suspected that they can't do this
without custom work each time we need trending.

I'm still pursuing getting answers from them
on this and other questions.

I'm developing the mapping to be able to handle common si
where the question has moved to a different question# in the survey.

This first situation

occur anytime

new questions are inserted in a later survey or old questions

no longer needed are

It's also possible that the text of the q
uestion may be rephrased, etc... without altering
the meaning of the question, thus using a

direct textual comparison

the link between surveys (for
trending purposes)

would not be a reliable method.

Learning WebFocus reporting and graphing on my o
wn in order to test the design of my Oracle

Have run into some issues with the graphing.

Have forwarded on my question to
Tami Kuhn.

She is checking on it.


UNCC's technical contact at IBI (WebFocus)
has been laid off due to

IBI being bought by another vendor.

No training is available for
WebFocus on campus.

Device Database:

Made some object

changes for

Rodney to resolve an issue he was
experiencing with the Mach_Class table.

As a result of seeing this issue, I turned
off the caching
option for all Oracle sequences in all database schemas (admindb, shop inventory db, spartdb,
userdb, etc...) for sequences that are used for

lookup tables.

This will prevent the same issue
from occuring on other lookup tables and will no
t negatively affect performance or cause


Admin Database:

Made some logic changes to some existing

reports for Toby Rufty.

Facilities Database:

Helped Dan Rowe with some design questions/issues on an Access
Database he is trying to c

to manage facility projects.

Terry Rhodes:


Vacation: Oct 6


Oct 18

Oct 25

Rodney Dyer:


* Application discussion meeting.

* VM
Ware discussions about using VMWare ACE and VMWare Server for

solving the "problem" application issue.

* MosaicWiki setup by Jason and minimaly tested by Rodney.

* Much research on application install techniques.

* Installed new Mosaic TS (Shyam's ma
chines and KVMs).

* Tested local printers attached to a MosaicAnywhere

machine for Tim.

Seems to work for some, but not for


Will need to investigate the phenomenon further.

* Email certificate testing with new certs from Dan Domchewski.

* W
orked with Jason on VMWare server project.

Setup vms
sm1 VM Host Server (Linux Based)

Setup rws96, rws97, rws98, rws99

(testing only)

* Applying MathType 5.2c license code update.

* Backup of MBS1 server.

* Temporary fix of mws761, podium machin
e in Duke 323 lab.

Machine was not configured with correct drivers.

* Tested Kathy Loyds PC for problems related to boot,

and printing.

Dave Chaney:



MathType integration with MS Word released in June update with issues.


of the issues
were related to running macros in MS Word and consisted of incosistent dialogs among

These appeared while opening MS Word and/or accessing the features of MathType
through the menus or icons.

This was very dependent of the level
of security the user had
agreed to in MS Word preferences.

Rodney, Wes and myself worked on issue and had it
resolved within 24 hours.

Another issue appeared with the licensing that limited the licenses to 1
instead of the recent 5 we added.

The package

contacts the vendor through the web to get

Once one licenses starts up, another is not allowed even though our samwrapping
restricts it to 5.

No workaround for this, so we were forced to cut the license back to the original

Rodney is still
evaluating to see if he can provide a fix to allow 5 licenses to run.

Jack is
currently getting quotes for department license.

Rodney ran update scripts over the weekend to
fix issues

continually plaguing users.

Jack received new license that allows it t
o be managed
correctly by samwrap.

Plan to help Rodney if he decides to pursue a task script.


Abaqus 6.6
1 license issues with new updated licenses for teaching full commercial versions in
Academic environment.

The full versions running for teaching o
nly conflict with the Research
only license when running on the same license server since they have

same feature name.

unsuccessful test running the different same feature codes under different port numbers, I have
concluded that these will need to

either be merged into one license file by Abaqus or served from
2 licenses servers.

Since Abaqus does not provide a Solaris flex daemon anymore, we would
need to create a new license server for windows or linux in the second scenario.

I am working
the Abaqus sponsor Dr. Bose to come up with the best solution.

Waiting from Dr. Bose to


Autodesk VIZ installation started.

Initial installation failed due to write issues in AFS build
process. Currently working on solution.

Primary issues we
re result of bad CDROM install.

another copy and everything appears to be working as expected.

Plan to have

Mosaic build
completed and ready for testing this week.

New issues appeared with application trying to write
to the application files when b
e run as a non

privileged user.

Currently, put on hold to get some
other apps out.

Still on hold...


SolidWorks received and being reviewed for installation on Mosaic.

Begin installation on
SolidWorks on Mosaic.

Ran into problems obtaining license
file through their online support

Working with Tim Patton to get correct serial number.

Serial number obtained and new
license was created from the web.

However, new generated license would not run.

After a lot of
investigation, I realized that

the new license was incorrectly generated.

The USB key that it was
generated from was incorrect.

I contacted SolidWorks and they regenerated a new key with
correct USB adapter information and installation has resumed.

Ran into issues installing the
loyment image into AFS with combined writing problems from admin and system users under

However, I think I figured out a possible solution is by using different mounting operations
(net use instead of subst) to maintain.

I think this should resolve p
roblem and began work

The admin image is successfully installed but was put on hold to install



Restarted the SolidWorks installation late friday after completing the
NetBeans and Hypermesh installation last week.


NetBeans ins
tallation just started in parallel with SolidWorks due to issues that appeared with

Successfully installed on Solaris and Windows XP.

Initial testing on Solaris has

positive by myself and Dr Weldon, the sponsor.

Due to the need for his
class and the fact
that it is a beta package I will be releasing it into the CDE menus for student access later today.

Windows XP version is ready for testing and the Linux version should be ready shortly.

Will plan
to release for Windows XP in the next

Successfully released the package on Solaris and
Windows XP in testing



Package currently in Windows XP testing and planned for
release in next update.


Java 1.5_08 released on Solaris for general java programming use and for NetBeans.

1.5_08 in testing on Windows XP and planned for release in next update.


Hypermesh trial licensing received on 8/30/06 and will start installation after SolidWorks is

Installed Hyperworks onto Solaris but ran into issues with the license




Vendor daemon was incorrectly generated with an older flex lmgrd and would not work with our
newer lmgrd (or the one received from the vendor).

Vendor updated vendor daemon and license
is working correctly.

Released Hyperworks package o
n Solaris for testing.

Testing is being
performed by

sponsor Howie Fang and TA Group.

Howie has also requested the package to be
installed on Mosaic Linux.



performance problems reported by Dr. Jeff Raquet from the Podium machine in


XP lab on the third floor.

Issue researched by myself and Rodney Dyer and determined to
be an incorrect build for the machine.

We updated the machine with new motherboard and video card

Performance seems to be working as expected now.

Nayana Rao:



Working on the UI for Plasma display. Continued to develop user HTML scripts.

working on web front
end to enable administrator to delete uploaded content from


Have been a little slow this week and

will be till Thursday 10/12, as I have some

appalling submissions and midterm exams.

Shyam Patil:


*Still working on Project to collect X
Server Usage data:

*Tried to configure and probe using XDM and XDMCP protocol but it does

not work

*Now working on to write a perl script to probe each X
server using ssh

*Got idea to write the script from Rodney, Jason and Chaney.

*Presently working on Perl to write the server side script.

Jack M. Stein

Assistant Dean and Director
of Engineering Computing The University of North Carolina at

226 Cameron Research Building

9201 University City Boulevard

Charlotte, NC 28223


6534 (cell)

2352 (fax)