Downloading NetBeans, jGrasp, and the Java JDK

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Downloading NetBeans, jGrasp, and the Java
JDK to Windows Systems


Open your browser and in the Google Search box enter



and press the
[Enter] key.
From the site choices that will then appear, select the one shown below.

It should be
e first one listed.


On the page this takes you to, select the following:


On the next page click the left radio button to accept the license agreement.


Now select the version for your operating system. For most folks this will be the Windows vers

one listed), which works for both Windows 7 and Windows XP. Then just follow any
instructions you receive, allowing the software to be placed in the default directories selected by
the install program.

If you would like more instructions, yo
u can read the information provided by clicking on the
“Installation Instructions” link also found on this web page.


In the Google Search box enter

and press the [Enter] key.


Then select the following site choice.
It should be the first one



On the page this takes you to, click the
download icon, found on the top right
of the screen.


This takes you to the download page, where you can optionally fill out an information form.
Then scroll down the page until you see the jGrasp exe

download button.


Click this button and when the following window appears, click SAVE FILE.

Then navigate to the folder on your computer where you want the file placed. I put mine in a
“Downloads” folder on my C: drive. It only takes a few seconds to
download the file.


Navigate to the jGrasp .exe file you just downloaded onto your computer and double click it to
install the software. Follow the instructions that appear on your screen as it loads, indicating
that you accept the license agreement, and al
lowing it to install with the currently set defaults
and in the suggested default directory.


It should now be ready to run and have placed a jGrasp icon on your desktop. It “should” also be
able to find the Java files that you downloaded as part of the Net
Beans/Java JDK “bundle”. If it
can’t, talk to the instructor and we’ll figure out how to fix this.