Computer Science 15-111 (Sec A+B), Spring 2007

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Computer Science 15
111 (Sec A+B), Spring 2007

Homework #1

Due: Wed 17
2007 as you


1. Installation

Install Java and Eclipse on your primary computer in their entirety as described on
today's "Class Notes" handout. What to submit: A st
atement saying "I did it!" or, if you
did not do it, a statement saying "I did NOT do it" along with a brief explanation as to
why not (for example, "because I do not plan to use my own computer for this course").
Note that Java 1.5 and Eclipse are instal
led on all the lab computers, so everyone is
assumed to have adequate access at all times

in particular, starting with the next


Intro to "The Java Tutorial": Hello World!

A. Go to "The Big Picture", scroll to the bottom, click on "The

Java Tutorial" (or go
directly to:

B. Read the entire "Getting Started" trail (though you may skip Gosling and McGilton's
white paper and all the material referring to NetBeans).

C. Following the i
nstructions, create and execute "Hello World" through the command
line (Windows or Solaris, your choice).

D. Complete the "Questions and Exercises"

E. Check your answers (!).


Intro to Eclipse: Hello World!

A. Run Eclipse (again, see the Eclipse re
adme file if necessary).

B. Go To the Welcome Screen (either at startup or via the "Help" menu)

C. Select the "Tutorials" icon, then "Create a Hello World Application"

D. Follow the step
step instructions at the right, EXCEPT: For the last step, do
follow the instructions. Instead, click on the green right
arrow (labeled "Run"), double
click on "Java Application" and again on "Hello World".

E. As with question #1, simply indicate that you were able to make Eclipse work for you
(and, if not, why

not). If you have problems, though, you

contact a CA prior to
class on Wednesday to work through the difficulties.

4. Intro to "Demos, Samples, Tutorials, Training and Reference"

This is not required, but it is highly recommended that you spend so
me time drifting
through the various materials under the "Demos, Samples, Tutorials, Training and
Reference" heading on "The Big Picture" page. There is far more here than you can
digest at once, but it's good to start to know what resources are available

to you here.

What to Submit:

A hardcopy (just this once!), labelled "15
111 hw 1", with your name, section, and CA's
name all clearly denoted at the top of the page. Below this, your responses to #1
(Installation), #2D, and #3. Note: if you do not hav
e success with some part of this
assignment, you must contact your CA
prior to class
Wednesday (preferably today or
tomorrow) to work through the obstacles. Plainly, a working Java and Eclipse (or other
IDE) installation is absolutely essential in order t
o complete all future homework
assignments in this class, such as the one that will be assigned on Wednesday and due
on Friday!