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David Solum Course List

C# and .NET Programming

5 Days

C# is the hot language and this course is the perfect introduction to it. Depending on the
students’ background, approximately one
third to one
half of the course is spent on the
language features, a
nd the rest of the time is spent covering the powerful .NET library,
including ASP.NET, ADO.NET, win forms, multithreading, networking and IO.

Visual Basic.NET Programming

5 Days

Visual Basic.NET is another great way to write .NET applications. The cours
e is laid out
very much the same as the C# and .NET Programming course.

ASP.NET Programming

4 Days

This course teaches you how to develop great Web Applications using ASP.NET. It is
taught using either C# or VB.NET.

Java Programming

5 Days

This course i
s for programmers new to the Java language, and who have a basic
understanding of the C language. Covered are the features and functions of the language
itself, the powerful class libraries such as IO, networking, multithreading, databases, and
how to wri
te Java applets and stand
alone applications. I have Programmer Certification
from Sun.

Advanced Java Programming

5 Days

This is the follow
up to the
Java Programming

course. It covers advanced topics as well
as many 2.0 additions to the language: RMI,
CORBA, Java Beans, Custom Events, JNI,
Networking, and Multithreading.

Advanced Java for Web Development

5 Days

The basics of Servlets are covered, followed by detailed JSP programming. This course
includes JSP pages, web app deployment, state and sess
ion management with cookies and
the HTTPSession objects, creating and deploying Java Beans, database access and servlet

Java Struts Development

3 Days

This 2
day course is a follow
up to the
Advanced Java for Web Development

course. It
vers how to take advantage of the Struts Frameworks for MVC development in Java.

Java Certification Boot Camp

5 Days

The Programmer Certification test is the covered in detail: the questions, the answers, and
the tricks. Everyone that reported back to m
e after taking this class passed the test.

XML Introduction

5 Days

This class provides programmers with an in
depth coverage of XML, DTD, XML
Schema, XSLT, XPath, SAX and DOM. I also cover JDOM for Java developers.

d Solum

Programmer Training

November 5, 2013

C++ Object
Oriented Programming

5 Days

This course teaches the concepts of the C++ language. It is for those familiar with the C
language, and teaches students class and object technology as well as the advanced
features of the language, including exception handling, polymorphism, run
time typ
identification, and templates.

Visual C++ Programming with MFC

5 Days

This course is for programmers familiar with C++. Visual C++ is probably the most
advanced and powerful way to write applications for Microsoft Windows and Windows
NT. The course fo
cuses on this powerful tool, as well as the Microsoft Foundation Class

Advanced C++ Programming

5 Days

This course is for developers wishing to maximize the power of C++. It covers advanced
memory management, maximizing robustness, and class lib
rary development issues.

Introduction to C Programming

5 Days

This course is for programmers new to the powerful language, C. Covered are the
features and functions of the language itself, as well as the libraries that are part of the
ANSI standard.

dows Programming in C

5 Days

Before C++ and tools such as Visual Basic became popular, using C and the Windows
API was the only way to develop Windows applications. This course is for programmers
who want to either learn or solidify their knowledge of Win
dows development.

HTML Web Page Development

2 Days

An introduction to HTML.

JavaScript Programming

3 Days

An introduction to the JavaScript scripting language.

Object Oriented Analysis & Design

5 Days

An introduction to OOAD and UML modeling.