McAfee Security for Microsoft SharePoint

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Data Sheet
Key Advantages
Minimize downtime due to threats
and attacks
Keep your business up and running
and worry free. Internal and external
users cannot inadvertently upload
infected content to the SharePoint
repository. Content can be further
scanned and cleaned during down-
load, ensuring that SharePoint does
not become a vector for infections.
Lower management costs and
increase efficiency
Manage McAfee Security for
Microsoft SharePoint software
and your other McAfee security
products with the McAfee ePolicy
Orchestrator platform. Deploy,
configure, administer, and report
with one powerful, centralized
Secure your SharePoint content
Prevent inappropriate and unauthor-
ized documents from being stored
on your SharePoint server.
Get unbeatable virus detection
and cleaning
Use the award-winning McAfee
scanning engine to detect, clean,
and block viruses, worms, Trojans,
and other potentially unwanted
programs. Get lightning-fast scans
and reduce performance impact.
Benefit from McAfee Artemis
technology, which provides a
comprehensive global threat
intelligence network with instant
detections before signatures are
released. This decreases false posi-
tives through instant comparison
of millions of genuine whitelist files.
Protect the Data You Value
Documents, files, web content, and information
stored in SharePoint are critical to your business
and must be secured. McAfee can help. McAfee
Security for Microsoft SharePoint software secures
the information that makes your business pro-
ductive by detecting, cleaning, and removing
malware and banned or inappropriate content
stored in your SharePoint workspace.
Proactive Protection from Malware
McAfee Security for Microsoft SharePoint software
uses the award-winning McAfee scanning and
cleaning engine to detect and clean malware. We
protect all information on your SharePoint farm
from infection by viruses, worms, Trojans, and
other threats. Now integrated with global threat
intelligence from McAfee Artemis

McAfee Security for Microsoft SharePoint software
reduces the protection gap from hours, or even
days, to milliseconds. McAfee Artemis technology
delivers a high malware detection rate by lever-
aging intelligence correlated across millions of
sensors that are looking for new malware. McAfee
Artemis technology also decreases false positives
through instant comparison of millions of genuine
whitelist files.
Know Your Content
McAfee Security for Microsoft SharePoint soft-
ware offers preset content rules to prevent the
spread of inappropriate content. Easy to use and
immediately effective, the preset content rules
can be run out of the box, or you can fine-
tune them using advanced custom rule sets.
The content management rules can prevent
downloads and uploads and report the details
about documents in your repository that
contain sensitive or offensive information.
Scalable Management
McAfee Security for Microsoft SharePoint soft-
ware leverages your security investment in the
McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator
(McAfee ePO

management platform. McAfee ePO software
optimizes your security investments and delivers
quantifiable operational efficiencies in your
environment, extending to both physical and
virtualization platforms. Comprehensive, detailed,
graphical reports from McAfee ePO software
inform you of your security posture and answer
the question: “Are all my servers protected
with the latest engine and virus definition
files (.DATs)?” McAfee ePO software provides
remote deployment and configuration, and
large enterprise rollouts can be easily managed
from a central location.
Enhanced Dashboard
The McAfee Security for Microsoft SharePoint
software dashboard provides an overview of the
latest detections; graphical views with multiple
charts, detection summaries, product updates,
licensing and version information and details
on recently scanned items.
McAfee Security for Microsoft SharePoint
Secure your Microsoft SharePoint Servers
Your business depends on collaboration. Systems such as Microsoft SharePoint Servers
enable you to share information effectively and deliver more value to your employees,
partners, and customers. Now you can secure these systems with McAfee
for Microsoft SharePoint software so that they don’t become vectors for viruses,
malicious code, inappropriate content, or information leakage.
McAfee, the McAfee logo, McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator, McAfee ePO, and McAfee Artemis technology are registered trademarks or trademarks
of McAfee, Inc. or its subsidiaries in the United States and other countries. Other marks and brands may be claimed as the property of others.
The product plans, specifications and descriptions herein are provided for information only and subject to change without notice, and are
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Data Sheet McAfee Security for Microsoft SharePoint
McAfee, Inc.
3965 Freedom Circle
Santa Clara, CA 95054
888 847 8766
Note: The following are minimum
system requirements only. Actual
requirements will vary depending
on the nature of your environment.
Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server
2003/ Microsoft Windows SharePoint
Services 2.0

Microsoft Windows Server 2003

Microsoft Internet Information
Services (IIS) 6.0 or later

Microsoft Internet Explorer v7.0 or
later installed
Microsoft Office SharePoint Server
2007 or 2007 SP2/Windows SharePoint
Services 3.0 or 3.0 SP2

Windows Server 2003 or 2008 (32-bit
and 64-bit)

Internet Information Services (IIS)
6.0 or later

Internet Explorer v7.0 or later
Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010/
Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010

Windows Server 2008 or Server 2008
R2 (64-bit)

Internet Information Services (IIS)
7.0 or later

Internet Explorer v8.0 or later
Server operating system

Windows Server 2003 with Service
Pack 2 (32-bit and 64-bit)

Windows Server 2008 with latest
SP available (32-bit and 64-bit)

Windows Server 2008 R2 (64-bit)

2.5 GHz processor (x86) or higher,
dual processor, 3 GHz or higher

Intel x64 architecture-based
processor that supports Intel
Extended Memory 64-bit
Technology (Intel EM64T)

RAM: 2 GB available (4 GB

HDD: Minimum 500 MB of free hard
disk space on the disk drive where
Microsoft SharePoint is installed
Key Features
Advanced anti-virus technology
McAfee anti-virus technology with McAfee
Artemis technology blocks viruses and malicious
code threats and offers real-time security using a
combination of signature and behavior analysis
with community threat intelligence. It drills down
to find threats in compressed files with advanced
heuristics and generic detection. It even finds and
blocks new viruses before they are detected with
the latest .DAT signatures.
Real-time and scheduled scans for
maximum protection
Continuous protection is yours with defense in
depth through real-time on-access scanning and
the ability to schedule periodic deep scans of all
data using the latest malware and content filtering
signatures. Opt to limit full-repository scans only
during scheduled maintenance windows, or
choose one or more scan targets, including web
applications, websites, folders, and specific file
types. Reduce overhead by choosing to scan only
new files.
Effective content filtering
Apply rules to more than 300 types of documents,
including Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft Office.
Using the McAfee Security for Microsoft SharePoint
software content rules, you can prevent inappro-
priate or unauthorized content downloads and
uploads. Additionally, you can prevent data loss
through flexible content filtering and ensure that
only valid business assets are stored in SharePoint
Central management and reporting
Because McAfee Security for Microsoft SharePoint
software integrates with McAfee ePO software,
you can manage it and other McAfee security
products from a single console and create detailed
graphical reports.
Preset content rules
Prevent the spread of inappropriate content with
preset content rules. Start immediately, and fine-
tune them later with advanced custom rule sets.
Microsoft VSAPI
McAfee Security for Microsoft SharePoint soft-
ware uses Microsoft VSAPI technology and the
Microsoft SharePoint Object Model to protect
your SharePoint Server.
Automatic updating
Update virus definitions and engines to ensure
that protection is up to date. Integration with
McAfee Artemis technology provides real-time
detection of viruses within milliseconds.
Enhanced quarantine management
McAfee Security for Microsoft SharePoint software
now stores the quarantined documents locally
in a PostgreSQL-based database. The quarantine
is associated with added search functionality
based on infection name, file name, and other
Learn More
McAfee Security for Microsoft SharePoint is part
of the McAfee family of business security products
and services. McAfee provides a comprehensive
portfolio of dynamic risk management and
mitigation solutions that secure your business
advantage. Visit, or call us at
888.847.8766, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
To download a free trial, visit http://www.mcafee.