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Faraz Abbasi


Centerfield Capital Partners

Indianapolis, Indiana


John C. Boyle, Director

Purdue West Coast Partnership Center

Menlo Park, California


Faraz has ten years of experience in private equity. Prior to joining Centerfield,
Faraz held sales and operations roles at Praxair and Rohm & Haas & Company.
Faraz holds a patent in semiconductor processing and has published finance and
semiconductor indu
stry related papers. Faraz is Chairman of AXS Imaging, LLC,
and a board member or observer of the following companies: A&D Environmental
Services, Inc.; Backyard Products, LLC; Evriholder Products, LLC; SCT, Inc.;
Thermafiber, Inc.; and TCI, LLC (d/b/a Tra

Faraz received his undergraduate degree in chemical engineering from University
of Texas, and earned an MBA in finance from the Kelley School of Business at
Indiana University. Faraz has been recognized as 40 under 40 and Who's Who in
by the Indiana Business Journal and was the winner of Indiana's Best and
Brightest award. He is an adjunct professor of Entrepreneurship, Finance and
Venture Capital at Indiana University's Kelley School of Business. Faraz is a board
member of Fairbanks Ho
spital, member of the Young President's Organization,
board member and past President of the Venture Club of Indiana and a board
member of Butler University's College of Business. He is also a former board
member and treasurer of IndyHub and a founding dir
ector and past Vice President
of Young Professionals of Central Indiana.

John Boyle has a strong background in both business and non
profits/public service.
His business experience includes both operations and finance, with over 15 years of
e in high
tech management and operational roles including 3Com (VP
Business Development), VeriFone (Product Management), Hewlett
Packard (Product
Management), and General Motors (Engineering). He also has over 10 years of
venture capital investing experie
nce including Worldview Technology Partners
(General Partner), Matrix Partners (General Partner), and Kleiner Perkins Caufield &
Byers (Associate) and Sutter Hill (Associate).

He recently was named the Director of
the new Purdue West Coast Partnership Cen
ter, based in Mountain View, CA.

Previously, he served a four year term as an elected City Councilman for the City of
Menlo Park (2006
2010) including roles as the Vice Mayor and service on multiple
finance and business development committees for variou
s agencies. He continues to
be active in the non
profit/public service sector including board positions with San
Mateo County based Samaritan House (Executive Committee, Finance Committee,
and Treasurer) and the Menlo
Atherton High School Foundation for t
he Future.

John holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Purdue University, and
an MBA degree from Stanford University.

Elizabeth Hart

Assistant Vice President and Director

Office of Technology Commercialization

Research Foundation

Elizabeth Hart
Wells, Ph.D., has more than 15 years experience in the field of
research and technology commercialization with a focus in intellectual property,
technology transfer, biomedical sciences, genetics, science and technology
research, food and drug safety, bioterrorism, biotechnology, science education,
analytical chemistry, domestic labor and trade.

At the Purdue Research Foundation, Dr. Hart
Wells is responsible for managing the
Office of Technology Commercialization’s inn
ovation strategy managers; reviewing
license agreements; promoting the patenting, disclosures and development of
discoveries; supporting initiatives for faculty startup companies; and overseeing
compliance with federal technology regulation.

She previously managed the University of Maryland, Baltimore’s Commercial
Ventures and Intellectual Property Group where she oversaw the University’s
intellectual asset portfolio. She supervised all technology transfer activities,
including asset evaluatio
n, patent prosecution, business development, negotiations
with licensees, and compliance by UMB and by licensees. She also managed the
intellectual property for the Middle Atlantic Regional Center of Excellence for
Biodefense and Emerging Infectious Diseas
es, a multi
party consortium of research
institutes supported by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

Dr. Hart
Wells served as a Congressional Fellow for the American Association for
the Advancement of Science where she served on th
e professional legislative staff
for Rep. Sherrod Brown, ranking member of the Energy and Commerce Health
Subcommittee. She served as a patent agent for Fulbright & Jaworski LLP, She was
a research associate for the National Academy of Sciences where she e
policy analysis of postdoctoral programs in academia, government and industry to
aid the National Academies’ Committee on Science Engineering and Public Policy.

Dr. Hart
Wells earned a doctorate in Chemistry from Rice University where she was
a T
urner Outstanding Graduate Student in Organic Chemistry, a Harry B. Weiser
Research Scholar and a Robert A. Welch Foundation Fellow. She earned a
bachelor's degree in Chemistry from Indiana University where she was a member of
the Phi Eta Sigma Honor Socie
ty, the Alpha Lambda Alpha Honor Society and the
Alpha Chi Sigma Chemistry Fraternity. She is a member of the American Chemical
Society, the American Association for the Advancement of Science and the U.S.
Patent Bar.

G. Logan Jordan, Ph.D.

Associate Dean of Administration

Krannert School of Management

Purdue University

West Lafayette, Indiana


Logan Jordan is Associate Dean of Administration at the Krannert School of
Management at Pu
rdue University, where his responsibilities include much of the
school's infrastructure and support services operations, including information

Dr. Jordan’s academic area is strategic management, and he has taught in the
school's undergraduate,

masters, and executive programs. In addition, Logan has
instructed in management development programs for the American Animal Hospital
Association, Case Corporation, Cendant, Lucent, Pfizer Animal Health
Europe, Rolls
Royce / Aero Engine Controls and Owen

Logan Jordan serves as a facilitator and consultant for a variety of business
enterprises and not
profit organizations and is a member of the Academy of
Management, the Strategic Management Society, and the North American Case

Dr. Jordan earned his Bachelors degree in Chemistry in 1980 from Hendrix College.
In 1982 he earned a Masters in Management and in 1998 a Ph.D. degree

Strategic Management from Purdue University.

Randall Lewis

Former Preside
nt & CEO

of s2f worldwide, LLC

, Indiana


In 2009, Randall was recruited by the major investors of s2f worldwide, LLC, a start
up company that specialized in providing third
party logistics services to commercial
customers primarily in the automotive, telecommunications, government/non

life sciences industries to lead the organization as President and CEO. s2f was
sold to a Fortune 500 company in 2010.

Prior to joining s2f worldwide, Randall was Executive Vice president of Federal
Government Solutions (FGS), Internal Audit, and Chief

Compliance Officer for
WellPoint, Inc., a $60 billion healthcare benefits company. He reported directly to
the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors and the CEO. His responsibilities
included leadership of the 4,000 employee FGS team and 150 Interna
l Audit and
Ethics & Compliance employees.

With over 25 years of start
up, P&L, risk management, business development, and
finance expertise gained through CEO and EVP positions with s2f worldwide,
WellPoint, Wells Fargo and GE; Randall has a strong reco
rd of delivering change
by defining strategic plans, building high
performance teams and implementing
systemic improvements to accomplish business goals.

Randall earned his Bachelor’s of Science degree and MBA from Purdue University.
He has been the reci
pient of the Purdue Krannert School of Management’s
Distinguished Alumni and Business Leadership Awards. In addition, Randall
received his CPA designation and furthered his training through General Electric’s

Financial Management Program, Northwestern Uni
versity’s Kellogg School of
Management Executive Development Program, and the Institute of Management
Development’s (IMD) Business Management Course in Lausanne, Switzerland.

His current board positions and affiliations include: Purdue Research Foundation

Board of Directors; Charles A. Tindley Accelerated School Board of Directors; and
the Indiana Repertory Theatre Board of Directors and Treasurer.

A resident of Carmel, Indiana, Randall and his wife, Helen have two children; Kaila
and Kyle.

Lotfi, J.D.


Ice Miller, LLP

Indianapolis, Indiana


Azin Lotfi is a partner in the Business Group of Ice Miller,

LLP in Indianapolis,
Her primary areas of concentration are
private equity,

mergers, acquisitions
and divestitures. Azin also advises on securities, employment law and general
transactional matters. She has served as lead counsel in structuring and negotiating
various strategic and leveraged acquisitions and dives
titures, private equity and
venture capital investments, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, equity
financings, and restructurings and workouts in a variety of industries.

Her securities experience includes documenting and closing high yield offerin
gs and
advising publicly
traded corporations on various compliance and governance
matters, including with respect to Exchange Act reports, Sarbanes
Oxley reforms,
Section 13 and Section 16 reports, and executive compensation. Azin's work has
involved a va
riety of industries, including telecommunications and cable networks,
consumer products, manufacturing, internet services, and media and entertainment
for private equity sponsors and operating businesses.

Azin earned her Juris

Doctor, Magna Cum Laude, from Indiana University School of
Law at Bloomington in 1999, where she was inducted as a member of the Order of
Barristers. While in law school, Azin served as an associate for the
Indiana Law
, was a selected advocate for

the mock court
martial of Lieutenant Colonel
Custer with the Honorable Ruth Bader Ginsburg presiding, received runner
up best
oralist in the Sherman Minton Moot Court competition and competed on Indiana
University's Jessup International Moot Court team.

Ms. Lotfi's experience prior to Ice Miller, LLP was at Kirkland & Ellis, LLP, from 1999
to 2005. Azin is fluent in the Persian language and is licensed to practice in
California, Illinois and Indiana.

Steve Mogensen

Managing Director

Alfred E. Mann



West Lafayette, Indiana


Steve Mogensen is Managing Director for the Alfred E. Mann Institute at Purdue
University. AMI Purdue was created to bridge the ga
p between biomedical and life
science research at Purdue University and the commercial markets by expediting
the translation of intellectual property through standardized business development

Mr. Mogensen’s professional experience exceeds twent
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Alyssa Panitch
, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Biomedical

Purdue University

West Lafayette, Indiana


Alyssa Panitch is a research scientist
whose areas of interest include biom
based materials, molecular engineering, regenerative medicine, protein derived
pharmaceuticals, as well as bioactive and biomimetic materials.

Dr. Panitch received her B.S. d
egree at the University of Massac
husetts, Amherst
in 1990 as well as a B.A. from Smith College in
he received her Ph.D.
egree in
Polymer Science and Engineering
from the University of Massachusetts,
Amherst in 1997. She completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the Swiss Federal
stitute of Technology

(ETH) and the
University of Zurich, 1997

Dr. Panitch became an As
sociate Professor of Biomedical
Engineering at Purdue
in 2006. From 1999 to 2006, she was an Assistant Professor and then an
Associate Professor in the Harringto
n Department of
Bioengineering at Arizona

I n a d d i t i o n, D r. P a n i t c h w a s t h e C o
F o u n d e r a n d C h i e f
A d m i n i s t r a t i v e O f f i c e r/C S O o f A z E R x, I n c.; i s t h e C o
F o u n d e r a n d C h i e f S c i e n t i f i c
O f f i c e r o f M o e r a e M a t r i x, I n c. ( 2 0 0 6

p r e s e n t ); i s a f o u n d
e r o f G l y t r i x, I n c.
( A M I P u r d u e s u p p o r t e d t e c h n o l o g y, 2 0 0 9
p r e s e n t ), i s a M e m b e r o f t h e N I H
B i o m a t e r i a l s a n d B i o i n t e r f a c e s ( B M B I ) s t u d y s e c t i o n ( 2 0 0 8

p r e s e n t ); a n d s e r v e s
o n t h e E d i t o r i a l A d v i s o r y B o a r d o f
B i o m a c r o m o l e c u l e s

( 2 0 0 3 p r e s e n t ).

T i m o t h y
P e o p l e s

D i r e c t o r o f P u r d u e T e c h n o l o g y C e n t e r s

D i r e c t o r o f P u r d u e R e s e a r c h P a r k

E n t r e p r e n e u r s h i p A c a d e m y

P u r d u e U n i v e r s i t y

W e s t L a f a y e t t e, I N

t r p e o p l e s @ p r f.o r g

T imothy P eoples, D irector of the P urdue T echnology C en
ters and D irector of the
P urdue R esearch P ark E ntrepreneurship A cademy, is charged with helping the
research park's early
stage companies to generate new business growth by
creating vital links between product research and commercial application.

P eoples e
arned his bachelor's degree in botany from D efiance C ollege and his
master's degree and doctorate in plant sciences (plant biochemistry and
physiology) from the U niversity of N ew H ampshire. H e served as an assistant
professor at the U niversity of A rizona f
rom 1 978 to 1 982, followed by a vice
president of research position at startup company G E N O C O I ndustries. D uring his
year career with American Cyanamid Co., Peoples worked in product
development, traveled internationally and was stationed for five years

in Rio de
Janeiro. In 2001 Peoples served as a biotechnology consultant, working with
Brazilian government officials, academicians and private startups. From 2001 to
2005 he worked as director of R&D and director of regulatory affairs for Nutra
Park, a st
artup developing University of Wisconsin technology. Peoples resides in
West Lafayette, Ind., with his wife and three children

Thomas D. Weldon

Accuitive Medical Ventures

founder, Chairman & Managing

Atlanta, GA



Mr. Weld
Mr. Weldon has thirty years of senior management experience, primarily in the
medical device industry, both early stage and public companies. He has started over
a dozen companies, which in total have created over $2 billion in
shareholder value.
Tom currently holds over two dozen issued US patents for various medical devices.
He is the Co
Founder, Chairman and former CEO of The Innovation Factory located
in Atlanta, GA. Several of the companies that he has founded are conside
red the
leaders in their market segments. Including, Liposonix (Bothell, WA) which was
formed to develop a non invasive treatment for body sculpting using high intensity
focused ultrasound to ablate fat, and has since been sold to Medicis for $300M.

e is also the Co
Founder, Chairman and Managing Partner of Accuitive Medical
Ventures, also in Atlanta, GA. Accuitive Medical Ventures was established in 2004
as an early
stage medical device venture capital fund, which has over $225 million
under managem
ent and presently raising Fund III.

Tom received his M.B.A Operations and Systems Management from Indiana
University in 1981 and his B.S. Industrial Engineer from Purdue University in 1977

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Tom’s major philanthropic f
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䥮fov慴io渠䙡n瑯ty⁡ 搠Acc畩tiv攠ee
摩cal s敮t畲敳⸠乯n
serves on the board’s of include the National Junior Achievement Organization and