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Chapter 1 Review

The test is scheduled for Monday October 2
, 2006

Review the concept

on page 30
. In addition, below are some possible test


What government agency oversees the clinical testing process for new

Answer: Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

2. Which of the following is an example of a product easily found in nature?

Correct Answer: Antibiotic

3. Which of the following is an application of agricultural biotechnology?

Correct Answer: Transgenic crops

4. As soon as a potential product is identified, what is the next step in process

Correct Answer: Research and development of techniques to produce the product

5. Most biotechnology research and development laboratory positions require

ect Answer: a 4
year Bachelor's degree.

6. DNA fingerprinting is a method used by forensic scientists to

Correct Answer: identify a person based on their unique DNA code.

7. Where do scientists at government university laboratories get a majority of thei

Correct Answer: Grants from industry, foundations, or the government

8. During which step of the Scientific Method would a scientist conduct multiple

Correct Answer: Experimentation

9. How are E. coli cells tricked into producing

products from human DNA?

Correct Answer: Human genes are pasted into plasmids and the bacteria take in the
recombinant plasmids.

10. How can large amounts of enzyme be obtained if there isn't sufficient source

Correct Answer: The gene encoding
that enzyme can be cloned into another organism
to produce the enzyme.

11. A science journalist who writes about advancements made in nanotechnology
would be reporting on what biotechnology domain?

Correct Answer: Diagnostic biotechnology

12. Which of th
e following is considered a non
science position that can be filled by
someone with or without an extensive scientific degree?

Correct Answer: Regulatory affairs

13. Which of the following products most likely have the smallest market?

Correct Answer: Clo
ne of a valuable orchid

14. The product pipeline for pharmaceutical products is generally

Correct Answer: longer because of clinical trials testing.