Select 3-4 research papers which discuss detection, prevention, or mitigation techniques for DoS or DDoS attacks:

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Week 4 Individual Assignment #1

DUE DATE: End of Week 5 (Two Week assignment

Week 4 and Week 5).


The course module #4 covers very important concepts of how Denial of Service
) attacks work. However, the module does not discuss detection, prevention,
or mitigation of DoS attacks (or Distributed DoS). The task of this individual
assignment is to write a research paper/report.

Topic of the Paper:

Technique(s) or scheme(s) or m
ethod(s) for detecting, preventing or mitigating
DoS or Distributed DoS (DDoS) attacks.

Assignment Guidelines

The following must be considered when you write the report:

Select 3
4 research papers which discuss detection, prevention, or mitigation
techniques for DoS or DDoS attacks:

The research papers must be published by a peer reviewed journal or be
published in conference proceedings (e.g., IEEE, ACM, IBM Systems Jo
Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS), etc.).

You must not choose papers or research works from magazines or periodicals
that are not research
oriented (e.g., Wikipedia, SANS, etc.).

Briefly explain your rationale for selecting a specific resea
rch paper.

Allocate sufficient time to read the research papers. Reading a research paper
requires more time than most people realize.

Summarize each research paper and identify three different detection,
mitigation, or prevention techniques described
in the papers you selected. For
example: you can have a) one detection + two prevention methods, OR b) one
detection + two mitigation methods, OR c) one detection + one prevention + one

Describe how each technique works. Clearly describe (in

detail using your own
words), how each technique works. Assume that you are explaining the author’s
technique to someone with a fairly strong fundamental knowledge in network
and security (e.g., a first year computer science graduate student) and assume t
student has no knowledge of the author’s research (never read the article
before). Discuss each technique or method using the following questions:

Is the proposed technique a promising, practical approach which can be
effectively implemented into an
existing platform? Clearly explain your answer.

What are the strengths and weaknesses (limitations) of this technique?

Make sure there are No IPR(Intellectual Property Right) issues. This requires
the following:

draw all figures and tables

ize all concepts using your own words.

Do not copy any part of text or unmodified figures (short quotes are

Cite references as needed using APA format.

To support your claims or statements, you may cite/reference non
reviewed papers
and journals (including white papers, SANs documents, etc.; do
not have to be academic papers or articles, ho
wever, no Wikipedia or blogs).

Submission Guidelines

Print format: MS Word or PDF format.

The general structure of your research paper:

Name an
d Title

Brief Intro

Background (if needed)

Main Sections

Conclusion (if needed)


The paper length: 6
10 double space pages (good, solid content which is factual,
relevant, and concise).

Follow the APA format. requirement: Please see the Turnitin Conference posting for Turnitin
requirements and metrics.

Upload your report to your Assignment Folder

DUE DATE: End of Week 5 (Two Week assignment

Week 4 and Week 5).


Note: The student
must check the file(s) right after submission to make sure the
right file(s) are submitted. No resubmission after the due date is allowed without
prior approval from the instructor. Only valid submission in the correct
assignment folder can be graded.