Information Systems and Technology Committee (ABJ50) Meeting at TRB Annual Meeting 2012

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Information Systems and Technology Committee (

Meeting at TRB
Annual Meeting 2012

(Notes prepared by Frances Harrison

and James Richardson

please email any corrections to

Tuesday, January 24, 2012, 1:30 PM to 5:30 PM

Eastern Time

Washington Hilton, Columbia Hall 1


Frances Harrison (Chair), Spy Pond Partners, LLC

Joseph Pugh, Virginia DOT


Colin Brooks, Michigan Tech Research Institute


Libby Clapp, USDOT FMCSA


James Hall, Un
iversity of Illinois, Springfield


Tamer El
Diraby, University of Toronto


Ping Yi, University of Akron


Ioannis Brilakis, Georgia Tech


James Yarsky, Maryland State Highway


Don Grayson, Mississippi D


Yu Yuan, IBM Research



Joe Garvey, AgileAssets, Inc.


Guohui Zhang, University of New Mexico


Bin Ran, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Rob Zilay, Dy Management Group, Inc. (Friend)

Eric Mai, Berkeley Tr
ansportation Systems

Doug Thornton, Batelle and Ohio State
University (Friend)

John Simpson, Microsoft (Invited Speaker)

Seth Earley, Early and Associates (Invited

James Richardson, University of Virginia (Friend)

Simon Lewis, Kercher
Engineering (Friend)

Hoda Atef Yekta, University of Connecticut

Jessie Jones, Arkansas State Highway and
Transportation Department (Friend)

Barbara Espeland, Iowa Department of
Transportation (Friend)

Anj Sharma, University of Nebraska, Lincoln

Bryan Kelly, Virginia DOT (Friend)

Murali Rao, Virginia DOT (Friend)

Jim Ramsey, AASHTO (Friend)

Mark Sarmiento, FHWA (Friend)

Stuart Chen, SUNY Buffalo (Friend)

Jan Wu, Saint Louis University (Friend)

Mark Kinkade, CIO, Illinois Department of
ransportation (Friend)

Ren Peng, University of Florida (Friend)

Kevin Drummond, McCain, Inc. (Friend)

Xavier Delache, Ministry for Transport (SETRA)

France (Friend)

Kevin Johns, HDR Engineering (Friend)

Luigi Casinelli, HDR Engineering (Friend)

ar Kraus, Texas Transportation Institute

Jeff Western, Western Management and
Consulting (Friend)

General Items for the Record

Triennial Strategic Plan.

Our committee’s Draft Triennial Strategic Plan (TSP) has been completed and is
available f
or review. Review comments are welcome through February 20, 2012.

Research Areas

Express Your Areas of Interest.

As part of the TSP, we have established five research

two of which have established subcommittees, and three others in the develo
pment phase.
Research area leaders are listed below

members and friends should express their interest in
participating in these areas to the leaders:


Sensing Technologies

Colin Brooks (


Information Technology for Construction Management

Ioannis Brilakis



Information Technology for Intelligent Transportation Systems

James Richardson

/ Brian Smith (


IT Technology Architectures and Service Models


Don Grayson (


Semantic Technologies and Data Exchange Standards

Tamer El

Building a Committee Research Watch List.

Committee members and friends are requested to submit
links to descriptions or products of current and completed research

projects of interest to the
committee, for inclusion on the committee website. Please email links to the relevant research lead or
to Frances Harrison (

Cybersecurity S

The committee is seeking expressions of interest from members that
would be interested in serving as our liaison to a new subcommittee on Transportation Cybersecurity
being established by the Critical Transportation Infrastructure Protection
Committee (ABE40).

Year Meeting

Mark Your Calendars
. All members and friends are encouraged to
attend our mid
year meeting, to be held on Monday, June 4, 2012 from 11 AM
1:30 PM Central Time at

meeting in Dallas. A call in number will be provided. One important agenda item will be
planning sessions for the next annual meeting. Please contact Frances Harrison
) with other suggested agenda items for this meeting.

Industry Liaisons.

The committee is seeking additional participation from representatives of major
Information Technology companies with a
n interest in Transportation

e.g. Google, Microsoft, Oracle,
etc. Please contact Frances Harrison (
) with suggestions.

Committee Program

The committee co
sponsored 2 wo
rkshops, 1 paper session, 2 presentation sessions and 1 poster
session at the 2012 annual meeting:

Workshop: Using Information Technologies to Support Better Construction Management

the Construction Management Committee


Workshop: Sensing
Technologies for Transportation Applications

Paper Session: Information Technology Applications in Transportation: Recent Research

Presentation Session: Self
Service Information Access for the Enterprise: Making It Work
the Knowledge Management Task



Presentation Session: Transportation Cybersecurity: How Secure Are Your Car, Plane, and Other
Transportation Systems?

(with the Critical Infrastructure Protection Committee


Poster Session: Transportation Systems Performance Measur

(with the Performance
Measurement Committee


In addition, we heard three presentations as part of our committee meeting:

“Enterprise Architecture in Practice”

John M. Simpson, Enterprise Architect at Microsoft
Corporation (and former CIO o
f Mississippi DOT)

Public Sector Applications of Semantic Technologies”

Seth Earley, Earley & Associates

“Technologies and Strategies for Enterprise

Data Management


Joseph W.
Pugh, IT
Manager, Virginia Department of Transportation

See the committee website


for copies of presentations both from the Information Access
session and the committee meeting.

Committee Business

Sensing Technologies subcommittee report

(Colin Brooks)

the su
bcommittee held its first annual
meeting subcommittee meeting, with seven attending. Plans include the annual workshop plus a
second focusing on LIDAR at next year’s annual meeting, a call for papers, and a webinar on the basics of
remote sensing.

IT for
Construction Management subcommittee report

(Ioannis Brilakis)

this subcommittee (which has

Construction Management as its official parent committee) met at the annual meeting, with a
lot of interest

27 attendees. Additional parent committees

are being explored, including Visualization
(ABJ95), Emerging Technologies in Design and Construction (AFH30), and
Geospatial Data Acquisition
Technologies in Design and Construction
(AFB80). This year’s workshop focused on 3D imaging for
construction ma
nagement. The proposed theme for next year’s workshop (in alignment with the
TRB2013 conference theme) is
“Getting information
from owner to contractor

better, faster, cheaper

This year, the subcommittee conducted a survey of 10 state DOTs to identify
priority research needs.
The top four needs that emerged were: (1) Streamline the data management process considering data
exchange for software systems, field data collection, retrieval, and analysis; (2) IT’s role in tracking
highway assets to better pr
ioritize maintenance and replacement planning; (3) Role of IT in project
organization through strategic collaborations and alliances of all disciplines at the beginning of a project
and (4) IT’s role in improving project management practices. Leads have b
een assigned within the
subcommittee to further explore these top ranked topics. This approach to identifying priority research
needs provides a good model that our other four research areas might want to follow.

Papers for 2012

(Ping Yi)

The committee
received 11 papers this year. Six were accepted for
presentation; three were accepted for publication. A huge THANK YOU to Ping Yi, our committee paper
review chair for managing this process, and to all who participated in the reviews.

Future Activities

Here is a list of committee activities for the upcoming year and associated deadlines:

Finalize Committee Triennial Strategic Plan (committee chair)

comments from members and
friends to

by February 20, 2012; final plan due March 1, 2012

Workshop proposals for TRB 2013 (research area leads) due June 1, 2012

we anticipate
continuing workshops for Sensing Technologies and Construction Management, and co
sponsoring a
LIDAR workshop with the GIS committee.

Develop Calls for Papers (research area leads)

must be submitted to TRB staff for posting in
early May

Conference session proposals for TRB 2013 to be developed by August 1, 2012 and finalized by
September 30, 2012
(to be discussed at the committee’s midyear meeting at NATMEC in Dallas
(Monday, June 4. 11 AM
1:30 PM Central Time)

members are encouraged to attend in person or
by phone).

Paper Reviews (Ping Yi to coordinate)

August 15
September 15, 2012

Agendas (research area leads)

refinement and prioritization of research topics include
in Attachment A of the committee’s draft TSP

target initial cut prior to the midyear meeting in

Research Needs Statements (James Hall to coordinate, working
with research area leads)

development of 1
2 new Research Needs Statements within each of the committee’s five research

target completion prior to next year’s annual meeting, and focus on topics that have good
potential for AASHTO member support

and funding. For a great overview of research program
funding sources and dates, see this

from Matt

Hardy (AASHTO).


two have been suggested: one on remote sensing, and a second in coordination with
the Knowledge Management Task Force on Sharepoint (based on this year’s session on Self
Service Information Access for the Enterprise). Please co
ntact Frances Harrison
) or any of the research leads with additional suggestions.

Committee Website

Martin Akerman is our webmaster and committee communications
coordinator. He will be working on updates over the coming months. Please contact him
) with any ideas or contributions of content for the website.

Research Topics of Interest.

The fo
llowing topics of interest came up in the committee meeting

Measuring ROI for data and IT investments, e.g. to help determine what level of detail should be
collected & maintained, how much history data should be retained; address ROI methodolo
that avoid double
counting of benefits.

Managing Linearly Referenced data

lots of existing research in this area, but it remains a
challenging implementation issue, particularly with respect to temporality (partner with the GIS
committee; interest
within Construction Management on this too)

Architecting for “Big Data” in transportation (cloud archiving, search, analytics)

relevant traffic records data warehouse in Colorado.

Application sharing opportunities/models

brought up in the “
Self Service Information Access for
the Enterprise” session

Illinois DOT has several SharePoint apps of interest to Mississippi DOT
and potentially others. We discussed the possibility of doing a survey of state DOT CIOs to assess
needs & opportunities
. Jim Ramsey of AASHTO has been pursuing similar initiatives, and
suggested we might start by drawing upon the most recent AASHTO IS annual survey

under internal review and scheduled to be released this Spring.

Synthesis of semantic technology

applications within other domains (e.g. insurance, logistics,
aerospace) with potential applicability for transportation.

Other Business

Upcoming Conferences of Interest:


National Conference on Transportation Asset Management

(San Diego, April 17, 2012)

includes a workshop on “Increasing Innovation to Maximize Results” and several sessions on use
of sensor technology for asset data collection.

2012 Symposium on Mileage
Based User Fees and Transportation Finance Summit

(Jersey City,
NJ, April 2
May 1, 2012)

includes discussion of enabling technologies for mileage
based fees.

AASHTO Subcommittee on Information Systems Annual Meeting

(Traverse City, Michigan, May
, 2012)

North American Travel Monitoring Exposition and Conference


(Dallas, June 4
12, 2012)

our committee will be holding its mid
year meeting at

this conference on June 4

Frances Harrison (
) if interested in helping to plan this meeting.

TRB Joint Summer Meeting (Irvine, CA, July 8
11, 2012)

First annual
EE International Conference on Connected Vehicles and Expo (ICCVE


China, December 12
16, 2012)

see Yu Yuan (
) if interested in participating
in program development or p
aper submittal.

TRB 92

Annual Meeting (Washington, DC, January 13

theme is: “

Doing Things
Smarter, Better, Faster”

Upcoming Webinars of Interest:

New SHRP 2 Tools for Underground Utility Location Data Collection and Analysis

(February 15,