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Robotics Workshop

On Saturday, October 15, 2011, Curtis Stout spoke to the robotics teams from several
high schools: Huntington Park, Garfield, John Muir, Southeast, and Manual Arts. He taught us
how to use power tools carefully. He mentioned that it was extremely important for students to
wear safety goggles before operating power tools, always tie long ha
ir, never use the power tools
without experience, never surprise
someone who

is using a power tool, and never to leave a
running tool unattended. It was important to learn the basics to avoid accidents. We did not want
students to play around or be carele
ss with power tools because they do not know safety rules.

He told us that there are some students that are just so curious to find out what would
happen if they did put their hand in the liquid nitrogen. He gave us examples of what could
happen to us be
cause of curiosity. He mentioned that if we were to put a banana in the liquid
nitrogen, the banana would be rock solid and we could hit it with a hammer and not damage it.
He stated that if we were to put something that has water in nitrogen, like a plant
, it would
become crystal and be extremely fragile. He also told us that if someone were to put their hands
or anything in liquid nitrogen, it would freeze rapidly, leading to frostbite; therefore the person
would lose a finger or the entire hand.

The ti
ps and instructions that he gave us were useful to all the teams that attended the
workshop. This gets everyone one step closer to being able to complete the robotics challenge