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Berner Fachhochschule - Technik und Informatik
Haute école spécialisée bernoise - Technique et informatique
The goal of our project was to study
and understand Android before de­
veloping a multimedia application
for it. The Android Multimedia Play­
er (AMP) is able to play audio and
video files and to display pictures.
Our application is user­friendly and
offers an intuitive way to access
media files (audio, video and im­
age). To achieve this, AMP supports
scanning a directory on the device
for media files and organising them
in music, video and pictures. In ad­
dition the extraction of information
about the artist, album and title of
music files is supported to allow a
user to select songs according to
these criteria. For picture selection
a thumbnail gallery is provided.
The AMP project was conducted
according to the Unified Software
Development Process, adapted
to our needs. As a proof of con­
cept, prototypes were developed to
check the feasibility of different fea­
tures. For the development of AMP,
Eclipse was used with the Android
Development Tools Plugin using the
Android Software Development Kit.
To make our application as modu­
lar as possible, it is separated into
four main parts that are independ­
ent from each other. One part is
the graphical user interface (front­
end) and the others are services
each performing one of the follow­
ing tasks: media scanning (Media
Scanner Service), providing infor­
mation about media files (Media
Info Service) and audio playback
(Media Player Service). In order to
store information about media files
a SQLite database is used.
With our modular approach we
have managed to construct an ap­
plication that offers a convenient
way for other developers to ex­
tend it. For users, AMP is intuitive
and allows the watching of videos
and pictures as well as listening
to music even without the need of
the user interface (e.g. while writing
an SMS or surfing the web). As no
Android devices are on the market
yet, our application has been de­
veloped for an emulator and will be
deployed on devices as soon as
they are available. We realised our
project with the use of open­source
technologies (Eclipse, Ant, Subver­
sion, among others) for a brand new
open source platform. To conclude,
AMP will allow technically inexperi­
enced users to turn their upcoming
Android mobile devices into music
players, video players and picture
Today many people use their mobile phone as music player, video player or picture storage media. In
addition to this, there is a trend to develop open source software for mobile devices. Under Google's
lead, the Open Handset Alliance released Android in November 2007. Android is an open source
platform for mobile devices which is based on a Linux operating system and offers a software deve-
lopment kit for the Java programming language. As this brand new system still lacks a multimedia
application, we decided to offer this functionality with the Android Multimedia Player.
Mobile Computing / Prof. Dr. Olivier Biberstein
Expert: Armin Blum, OFCOM/BAKOM
AMP – Android Multimedia Player
Tobias Soder
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Thomas Hofstetter
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AMP Architecture
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