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Summer Bioinformatics Workshop

June 30

August 7, Mon


Morning Session Description


NAC 7/106


Baskerville 202

Pathways Bioinformatics & Biomolecular Center

Genomics and Structural Bioinformatics (Sci316.01, 3 credits)

Lecture and computer simulations:


Location:NAC 7/106, Computer Science Department

Instructors:Dr. R. Pergolizzi (
Cell Biology, Bergen County Academy)

Dr. S. Govind (Molecular Genetics, Biology, CCNY)

Dr. Y. Gosser (
Bioinformatics, Grove School of Engineering, CCNY)

This interdisciplinary course introduces basic concepts of bioinformatics,

genome sequencing and databases, computational tools in molecular genetics,

and protein structure and engineering. We will use
' in silico'

experiments to learn

about eukaryotic gene structure, gene families, gene expression and gene chip,

DNA cloning and sequencing, miRNA and gene silencing, protein structure visualization,

design and modeling using MOE and open source software.

Prime Time Lectures:

12:00 noon, Location: Baskerville 202

Including field trips to model organism laboratories,

New York Structural Biology Center,

and the New York Structural Biology Summer Symposium at Cold Spring Harbor Lab

Distinguished scientists, professors, and artists from Columbia University, Memorial Sloan

Kettering Cancer Center, Cornell Medical School, NYU Medical School, Brook Haven

National Lab, University of Houston, the City College of New York, and CUNY

Graduate Center are invited to give lectures in structural genomics, synchrotron x

crystallography, NMR spectroscopy, microscope and CryoEM, microarray technology,

phylogenetics, gene therapy, bioethics, psychology, bionanotechnology, mathematical

magics, and art & science.

Interested students please contact:

By email:

or phone: 212


In addition, if the course credit is desired, please contact Dr. Yuying Gosser


This program is supported by HHMI, NSF, and CCNY Science and The Grove

School of Engineering.