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Directive #2

3 October 2009

Chair: Wilhelmina J (Willy) Wicha
Women of Peace

Rooted in faith
"I will pour my spirit
and my blessings on your children. They will thrive like watered grass, like willows on a

(Isaiah 44:3
As I started to look for items to report to you all, I was overwhelmed
with the complexity and enormous task of looking after the Community Life portfolio. A big task
is ahead of us and we are in need of prayer and follow the actions that our God wants us
pursue. And then, I realized the vast information, ideals and ideas, which can be found by
researching various websites. Not to forget our own communiqués from National office. The
above quote from Isaiah sums up the promise of God for all His children,

and we are here to
make some of it come to pass. Through faith, hope and love we can, and shall accomplish much
of what is needed. Mary Nordick, National Community Life Chair recently visited Zambia in
Africa with the Development and Peace organization.
ignity and rights of persons

Every human being is created in the image of God and is invaluable and worthy of
respect as a member of the human family."
The Human trafficking resolution of 2008 should be
our first concern. "
The body of Cathol
ic social teaching opens with the human person.
Individuals have dignity; individualism has no place in Catholic social thought. The principle of
human dignity gives the human person a claim on membership in a community, the human
There is much to

be said about the dignity in life each person has a right to. We must
constantly find ways to make the life of our 'neighbours' more comfortable and make people
more at ease. Find out various ways to give comfort to those you see suffering, and try and
ovide their needs through the love and peace we have been given as Sisters in Christ. Use those
'giving hands' in our Community Life Logo and use them for God's purpose to those in need.

Immigration, refugees and Citizenship
Check out information on the
website for immigration
on the 2010 winter games

Canadian Organization of Development and Peace

Mary Nordick
, National Community Life chair, had the opportunity to visit Africa
together with the "Bishops Mission to Zambia" in Africa through the help of CCODP and
Africa on the map."

A care story from the days Mary Nordick spent in Africa:
The basic needs
. Every month, the Jesuit Centre for Theological Reflections (JCTR) publishes a study
called the
Basic Needs Basket
. Raphael Sailoto Phiri shops in several food markets and checks
the prices of eggs, milk sugar, tea etc. which are the basic needs for a
family to live on each
month. He also inquires for prices of charcoal, soap and lodging for a typical family as well as
many other basic needs. He then calculates the average monthly wages for the farm labourers
and finds it falls short of the cost of livi
ng for a family to live on. This study by the Jesuits
(JCTR) has become an important tool for the unions and other Zambian organizations to
campaign for human dignity. Credibility is achieved with political leaders by studying the needs
of people to earn e
nough money to sustain their own families.

basic needs basket

credibility with the political leaders and decision makers.
Climate action now

Global warming
is still one of the greatest threats to human life on earth. A petition is available for

parishes to
sign. By website:

Some points of action are:

Set a national target to cut greenhouse gas emissions at least 25 per cent from 1990 levels
by 2020.

Implement an effective national plan to reach this target and help developing countries to
reduce their emissions and adapt to climate change.

Adopt a bo
ld, strengthened second phase of the Kyoto Protocol at the pivotal United
Nations climate conference in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Encourage your MP and MPP to serve the people of our communities, and to bring to the
government the opinions of the people.
eloping countries
Please do not forget the 1%
program to which CWL has been committed for so many years. Your generous support is
appreciated by many.