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Small Piston
Prop Performance

This labwork involves performance measurement of a small piston
prop aircraft engine. The
system consists of a two
stroke 5 cc compression
ignition internal combustion engine ro
tating a
bladed propeller. You will measure the rotational speed of the propeller (rpm), the thrust
produced and the fuel consumption of the engine. Each student in your lab group will collect data
for two minutes recording as many rpm and thrust value
s as he/she can. The initial and the final
fuel weights will also be recorded.

After the experiment all the members in the group will share
their data with the other students in the group so that everybody can use them in their report.
Also, before the exp
eriment the groups will perform the calibration that is needed for thrust

When preparing your report use the lab report format that you can download from the course
website. Present your calibration plot as well as
rpm vs. thrust
rpm vs. fue
l consumption

thrust vs. fuel consumption

plots in your
results section and make necessary comments about your
results. Make sure that you use the “average”
thrust and
values in the

fuel consumption

Present your plots as “scatter” plots and
fit appropriate curves.