Your Web Gurus , LLC – Testimonials 2010/2011

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YourWebGurus, LLC
Google Adwords Certified Partner
Google Analytics Authorized Consultant
YourWebGurus, LLC – Testimonials 2010/2011
"This has been a real find for our company. Our Consultant has produced real and

sustainable results for our organization. He works independently without supervision on

our part. He is timely with his analysis, reporting and results. The most profound praise I

can think of is that he is clearly thinking of his clients, even when they are not thinking

about him and it makes us feel confident and secure in his work."
Aladdin Steel, Inc.
Michael Cooper
IT Director
He is a professional SEO person.

He worked diligently to bring our website up in the

rankings by using his unique techniques and experience to achieve our goals.

I would

highly recommend our consultant; he is easy to work with, energetic and truly cares

about the success of his work.
Annette Kase
McBride Corporate Real Estate

We have seen a good tick up in quote volume from your work. We do try to ask callin's

how they hear

about us and I am getting reports that many of them are from Google.

Just looking at the numbers, we issued the highest number of quotes for a November

ever so I would say what you are doing deserves some additional exposure.

From a

sales perspective in 2010, we had our second best year ever.

Martin King
Legacy Chiller Systems, Inc.
"Our campaign manager has been an excellent partner in helping us to achieve our

goals for both search engine marketing and search engine optimization. In the past few

months, hes done an excellent job of reducing our overall search engine marketing

spend while also improving our overall click through and conversion rates. We also

continue to experience significant improvements in our organic rankings. His work has

freed up my time for other marketing initiatives that cannot be outsourced in the same

way that these efforts could. We look forward to the continued improvements in our

online marketing efforts through his help and expertise."
Luxury Bath of Northern Nevada, LLC
Elise Ciarmella
Marketing Manager
“Kudos, kudos, kudos!!! Those results are AMAZING. I never would've thought that we

could've had so many first page listings within 30 days. But you did it! Thank you SO

much. I am going to recommend you to anyone who will listen."
Ray Balconis
Studio Ray, LLC
“Our consultant from YourWebGurus was very helpful in tailoring our Google advertising

program to our most important market opportunities. He set up a multiple of variables to

test the effectiveness of existing campaigns and as a result helped us modify our

strategy. His work has enabled us to better concentrate our advertising dollars where

they will generate the best ROI. I would highly recommend his services.”
Dennis Tully
Miniature Tool and Die, Inc
“Our campaign specialist exhibits a level of expertise

and skill in

the management and

optimization of Google Adwords that reflects a true expert.

He was able to


and develop a program from the

ground up that

provided qualified leads to our practice.

He also identified a methodology

for producing low cost leads despite

extremely high

market ppc costs.

We will likely be working with him in the future and would highly

recommend his services."

Alan Haft
“I would definitely recommend YourWebGurus, LLC for all of your SEO needs. Our

account manager has proven to be honest, trustworthy and reliable. He was able to get

our website ranking from non-existent to the top 10 listings for a lot of our competitive

keywords. We are very pleased with the results."
Law Offices of Frye and Associates
Jeanette Ruiz / Marketing Manager