Expression Web 4 Update for Expression Web 4 Users

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Microsoft Expression Web
Expression Web 4
Update for Expression
Web 4 Users
Although this book was written using Expression Web 3, the steps and fi gures are almost
identical for users of Expression Web 4, the latest version of the software. There are a few
updated features, but most of the changes to the software are behind the scenes and not
visible to Expression Web users.
The new or updated features for Expression Web 4 include:
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tool.• Similar to the Accessibility and
Compatibility reporting tools, the SEO tool checks pages in your site and suggests
changes that will make your site easier to fi nd using search engines such as Bing or
Google. Steps to use this new feature are included under the Chapter 9 updates below.
SuperPreview updates.• SuperPreview was new to Expression Web 3, and allows
you to view a site page side-by-side as it would appear in different browsers. New
to Expression Web 4, you can go online to access additional browsers or operating
systems that you may not have installed on your computer, such as Macintosh Safari.
Steps to use this updated feature are included under the Chapter 9 updates below.
Here are the steps and fi gure differences for Expression Web 4 chapter-by-chapter.
If there are no steps or fi gure changes mentioned for a chapter, then the chapter works the
same with both Expression Web 3 and Expression Web 4.
Chapter 1
Figure 1 shows that there are minimal changes to the Expression Web 4 program window.
Compare to Figure 1–5 on page EW 7.
0538474440_EW4_REV2.indd 1
0538474440_EW4_REV2.indd 1
7/20/10 7:57:17 AM
7/20/10 7:57:17 AM
EW 2

Expression Web 4
Update for Expression Web 4 Users
Figure 1
title bar is updated to show
Expression Web 4 logo and
program name
a few buttons are green when
active; in Expression Web 3,
they may have appeared gray,
depending on your settings
Figure 2
Layout Tables feature
was removed from
the program
SEO command was
added for Search Engine
Optimization feature
Figure 2 shows the changes to the Panels menu. Compare to Figure 1–7 on page EW 9.
0538474440_EW4_REV2.indd 2
0538474440_EW4_REV2.indd 2
7/20/10 7:57:17 AM
7/20/10 7:57:17 AM
Expression Web 4
Chapter 3 EW 3
Figure 4 shows that modifi ed style names on the Quick Tag Selector have changed
from ‘style’ to ‘auto-style.’ Compare to Figure 1–54 on page EW 36. Throughout the
book, note that when asked to select a style, replace ‘style’ with ‘auto-style.’ For example,
in Step 1 on page EW 52, replace <li.style5> with <>.
Figure 3
shortcuts to publishing a
site or page were added
Figure 4
‘style’ has changed
to ‘auto-style’
Figure 3 shows the changes to the Site menu. Compare to Figure 1–8 on page EW 9.
Chapter 3
Microsoft has also released Microsoft Word 2010, which you may be running on your
computer. Figure 5 shows the changes to the Microsoft Word 2010 program window.
Compare to Figure 3–40 on page EW 177.
If you are using Microsoft Word 2010, make the following changes to the steps on
pages EW 177–178:
Step 1, bullet 4: Click • Microsoft Word 2010 to start Word and open a blank document.
Step 2, bullet 1: Click the • File tab, then click Close to close the blank document.
0538474440_EW4_REV2.indd 3
0538474440_EW4_REV2.indd 3
7/20/10 7:57:26 AM
7/20/10 7:57:26 AM
EW 4

Expression Web 4
Update for Expression Web 4 Users
Chapter 4
If you are using Microsoft Word 2010, use the fi gure and steps under Chapter 3 in this
section for updated information.
Chapter 5
The Layout Tables features were removed from the Tables toolbar. Figure 6 shows the
updated Tables toolbar. Compare to Figure 5–45 on page EW 330.
The information on frames and layout tables on page EW 354 was included for
informational purposes. As mentioned, they can create problems with browsers and
are not considered to be standards-compliant. In Expression Web 4, the layout table
capabilities were removed, therefore the instructions for using them do not apply.
Figure 5
Figure 6
File tab replaced the
Offi ce button
click Close on the
File tab to close an
open document
0538474440_EW4_REV2.indd 4
0538474440_EW4_REV2.indd 4
7/20/10 7:57:32 AM
7/20/10 7:57:32 AM
Expression Web 4
Running and Reviewing an SEO Report EW 5
Chapter 8
If you are using Microsoft Word 2010, use the fi gure and steps under Chapter 3 in this
section for updated information.
Chapter 9
Chapter 9 includes the most changes for Expression Web 4 users. Luckily, all of these
changes are in the form of additional or alternate steps to take advantage of the new and
updated features.
Add the following section after page EW 586.
Running and Reviewing an SEO Report
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to making the content and HTML markup
on your site pages such that you receive the highest rankings possible on search results
lists. Search engines, such as Yahoo!, Bing, or Google, use programs called spiders or
crawlers to look at pages on a Web site and collect data. Spiders collect data from tags,
such as the title, description, keywords, headings, and hyperlink tags, as well as from text
and images. Spiders weight the results according to where keywords or text are found; if
they are found in the title tag, they are weighted more heavily, as the crawler assumes they
are the subject of the page. Text or keywords found in a paragraph of text on a site page
will be ranked lower.
The SEO tool in Expression Web looks for areas that need improvement, including
the following:
The content is not suffi cient or is not located where search engines expect to fi nd it. •
These errors could include missing or non-specifi c title tags or keywords.
The content follows deceptive practices. These errors could include having an iden-•
tical title and description, or using too many or repeated keywords. Using keywords
that are not relevant to a page’s content is called keyword stuffi ng and is considered
an unethical (and ultimately ineffi cient) way to improve your search rankings.
The content contains anything that might limit a search engine’s ability to analyze a •
page, such as misplaced or missing tags.
The site’s content or markup might return the same results for two different site •
pages, such as having an identical description for two pages.
The SEO Checker is the dialog box in which you select the SEO options, such
as pages to check, and whether to display errors, warnings, or both. The Errors check
box displays the items that you must fi x; the Warnings check box displays items that you
might want to fi x or check.
0538474440_EW4_REV2.indd 5
0538474440_EW4_REV2.indd 5
7/20/10 7:57:36 AM
7/20/10 7:57:36 AM
EW 6

Expression Web 4
Update for Expression Web 4 Users
To Create an SEO Report
When you create an SEO report, the results appear in the SEO panel at the bottom of Site View. You can
check each error individually or choose to ignore errors. The following steps generate an SEO report for the Juice
Bar site pages. You will not fi x any of the errors or address any of the warnings at this time.

Click SEO Reports on the Tools menu
to open the SEO Checker dialog box
(Figure 7).
Why are my options in the Check where
and Show sections different?
Depending on past usage, you may have
different options selected. If necessary,
click the Errors and Warnings check boxes
in the Show section to select them.

Click the All pages option button to
select it, if necessary.

Click the Check button to create the
report and open it in the SEO panel
(Figure 8).

Click the SEO panel Close button to
close the panel.

Click any link in the Help Topic column
of the SEO panel to open information
about the rule in a browser window.
Read about the issue, then close the
browser window.
Using the SuperPreview Online Service
The SuperPreview online service enables you to test your site pages using additional
browsers and operating systems. Currently, this feature is in beta release, which means
that Microsoft is still working on it to make it better.
Insert the following set of steps after page EW 591.
Figure 7
Figure 8
Check button
All pages
option button
Help Topic links
open information
about the error in
a browser window
0538474440_EW4_REV2.indd 6
0538474440_EW4_REV2.indd 6
7/20/10 7:57:36 AM
7/20/10 7:57:36 AM
Expression Web 4
Using the SuperPreview Online Service EW 7
To Activate and Use the SuperPreview Online Service
In order to activate the SuperPreview online service, you must sign up for it. The following steps activate the
SuperPreview online service and test the franchise.html page using a simulation of Safari (Mac).

Locate the Sign
up button on the
SuperPreview toolbar
(Figure 9).

Click the Sign up
button on the
SuperPreview toolbar
to open the fi rst
dialog box in the
activation wizard
(Figure 10).

Follow the instruc-
tions in the dialog
boxes to enter your
e-mail address and
activate the service.
Figure 9
Figure 10
Sign up button
click to begin
sign up process
0538474440_EW4_REV2.indd 7
0538474440_EW4_REV2.indd 7
7/20/10 7:57:43 AM
7/20/10 7:57:43 AM
EW 8

Expression Web 4
Update for Expression Web 4 Users

Click the comparison
browser Close button
to close the comparison
browser (Figure 11).

Click the Safari (Mac)
button to open it
as the comparison
browser (Figure 12).

The page appears as it
would in Safari (Mac).
Note what differences,
if any, exist between
the two browsers
as represented in
To Effi ciently Publish and Manage Files on a Remote Server
As shown in Figure 3, there are additional commands on the Site menu that speed up the publishing process.
These are effi cient ways to publish a site or changed fi les after you have set the publishing settings for your site.
The following steps are alternatives to some of the steps in the book.
Step 2, page EW 599

Click Publish All Files to “Juice Bar_fi nal” on the Site menu to publish the entire site.
Step 4, page EW 603

Click Publish Changed Files to “Juice Bar_fi nal” on the Site menu to synchronize the remote and local site contents.
Figure 11
Figure 12
Close button
Safari (Mac) button
your list of remote
options may differ
0538474440_EW4_REV2.indd 8
0538474440_EW4_REV2.indd 8
7/20/10 7:57:47 AM
7/20/10 7:57:47 AM