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Amazon Keyword Mastery
Page 1
By Hussien K.
Amazon Keyword Mastery
Page 2
Every effort has been made to accurately represent this
product and its potential.
Even though this industry is one of the few where one can
write their own check in terms of earnings, there is no
guarantee that you will earn any money using the
techniques and ideas shared in these materials.
Examples in these materials are not to be interpreted as a
promise of guarantee of earnings.Earning potential is
entirely dependent on the person using the product,
ideas, and techniques used.
Your level of success in attaining the results claimed in my
materials depends on the time you devote to the program,
ideas, and techniques mentioned, your finances,
knowledge, and various skills.
Since these factors differ according to individuals, there
are no guarantees,explicit or implied regarding your
success or income level, and I bear no responsibility for
any of your actions.While every attempt has been made to
verify information provided in this course, I amnot
responsible for any errors or omissions within this report.
The reader of this course assumes responsibility for the use
of these materials and information. I hold no responsibility
or liability for your use of this information.
Amazon Keyword Mastery
Page 3
Keyword Research Step 1: Why The
Amazon Best Seller List is Not
Choosing Keywords That Will Rank
Faster and Actually Make You Money
Why You Can’t Live Without Google
Insights and The Right Way to Use It.
Ninja Trick#1: Combining Google
Instant and Google Insights
Ninja Trick#2: The “vs” Keyword
Combined with Google Insights
Bonus#1: Where to Outsource Your
Amazon Reviews
Bonus#2: How to Effectively SEO
Your ReviewArticles
Amazon Keyword Mastery
Page 4
Thanks for buying my WSO and trusting your hard
earned money in me. I tried to make this guide as
short as possible because I know that your time is
valuable and I respect it.
I designed this guide to be very actionable. Just
follow the simple steps and you will find profitable
Amazon keywords in less than 2 minutes.
So in short, no fluff and no B.S and straight to the
point. I really hope that you do put this to work,
because I spent a lot of time until I learned how to
do this properly.
If you have any question about Amazon or
marketing, just send me a shout at my email:
Amazon Keyword Mastery
Page 5
Keyword Research Step 1: Why The
Amazon Best Seller List is Not Enough!
So we’re all taught that marketing through Amazon
requires that we simply go on the Best Seller List,
go into the niche that we want and pick any top
selling product.
You would then go to The Google Keyword Tool
and see if you get a decent amount of searches
(about 1000 month) and then write a review, build
some backlinks, get on page one and then start
making money.
For me personally, the backlinking and the content
writing took some investment and after I was on
page one I was still wondering why I wasn't making
any money even though I was getting some decent
It was only after coming across Google Insights that
I figured out why I wasn’t making money in spite of
getting lots of visits.
Amazon Keyword Mastery
Page 6
Google Insights showed me that even though a
product is a best seller, it didn’t necessarily mean
that it was still popular.
This is especially true for electronics because there
are constantly newer and newer products being
released every month or two.
So basically Google Insights will allow you to
figure out if the keyword you're looking for is
actually profitable. Many best-selling products
remain at the top of Amazon even though they have
long lost their popularity.
What I’m going to be showing you is the step by
step method you need to find these profitable
keywords, write an easy review on them and start
making some money.
So just to recap so far:
Amazon Top Seller + Google Keyword Tool = Not
Enough Information to Get High Conversions
Amazon Top Seller + Google Keyword Tool +
Google Insights = Research That Will Get You
Amazon Keyword Mastery
Page 7
Choosing Keywords That Will Rank
Faster and Actually Make You Money
Before you go out and use this method though. I
must mention that you must target specific
profitable keywords that will actually make you
Don't waste your time trying to rank for "The best
SLR Camera" or "LCD TV reviews". People who
search for terms like that are normally not ready to
make a buying decision yet. People are most likely
going to make a purchase if they're searching for a
specific product.
This is especially true if the word "Review" is used
at the end of it. So for example, you should try to
rank for something like "Nikon D90 Review" or
"42LV4400 TV Review". People are in "buy"
mode, have done their research and are not looking
for a final push to help them click the Buy Button.
So Just to recap again:
Amazon Keyword Mastery
Page 8
Only choose keyword that are product specific. The
general formula is:
Profitable Keyword = Specific Product Name +
This will work very well for Amazon products.
Amazon Keyword Mastery
Page 9
Why You Can’t Live Without Google
Insights and The Right Way to Use It.
So if you remember, Google Insights will allow you
to figure out if the product you're trying to promote
is trending or not. People usually assume that if it's
going down, then it is not profitable. This isn't true
at all.
In Google Insights you must use a reference
to help
you figure out whether the product you are targeting
will be worth it. This will more clear through this
quick example:
The reference here will be the Amazon product:
Panasonic Lumix dmc-ts3 (This has proven to be
profitable and I often use it as a comparison) Let's
compare it to 2 other products as an example to see
if they are worth ranking for:
a. Sharp Elite PRO-X5FD
b. Panasonic Lumix dmc-ts1 (not 3)
Amazon Keyword Mastery
Page 10
For a more clear image see the link:
Amazon Keyword Mastery
Page 11
I found that the bars on the right were a far better
representation of the profitability of the keywords.
As you can see the Panasonic Lumix dmc-ts3
is the
main reference and it has a power of 7.
The Panasonic Lumix dmc-ts1
got a far better rating
then my reference (it has a 12) so that means that is
very profitable
. However the Sharp Elite PRO-X5FD is a 0, so that
means it would not be a good keyword to target at
the moment.
Other Good Keywords to Use As a Reference
Other than The Panasonic Lumix dmc-ts1:
1. 42lv4400
2. Panasonic Lumix dmc-ts2
Amazon Keyword Mastery
Page 12
3. 42lv3500
Remember, If the products you target are too high
(in the power rating) then the competition becomes
higher as well.
To Get a full demo of how this methods works,
check out the video here:
Amazon Keyword Mastery
Page 13
Ninja Trick #1: Combining Google
Instant and Google Insights
Google instant is probably one of the best things
that happened to Internet Marketers.
This is because it has the ability to indicate
profitable keywords that are hidden from the
Google Keyword tool.
If you don't know what that is, it is the suggested
keywords Google gives you when you enter in
almost any keyword.
Often there will many keywords that you don't even
know exist because the Google Keyword Tool
didn't have it on its database.
This is why you really have to realize that Google
Instant is a keyword Goldmine. The keywords you
must choose however will be determined by Google
Insights Again.
Amazon Keyword Mastery
Page 14
For a good example on this let's take a look at the
Google Instant Suggest Keyword: "canon 18-55mm
ef-s lens"
The Google Keyword Tool shows that it was about
22 global monthly searches [exact] per month. At
first glance this might seem like a bad keyword to
target. However, if we take a look at Google
Insights while using "Panasonic Lumix dmc-ts3" as
a reference we will see that it is in fact worth
As you can see that the "canon 18-55mm ef-s lens"
keyword has a whopping 42 points compared to the
8 points that the Panasonic lumix dmc-ts3 has.
Amazon Keyword Mastery
Page 15
This is just one example of how Google insights
combined with Google Instant can be powerful. In
some cases Google will indicate some of these
keywords to have 0 global searches and they will
still be profitable. See a more clear picture here:
See a more clear picture here:
Amazon Keyword Mastery
Page 16
So Just recap, This is what you have to do:
1. Find a specific product on Amazon that might
profitable using Google Instant Search.
Example: "canon 18-55mm ef-s lens"
2. Use Google Insights and use another profitable
product as a reference.
our profitable product reference: “Panasonic lumix
3. If the specific product scores more than the
reference one. Then it is profitable.
Our example:
Panasonic lumix dmc-ts3 has 8
canon 18-55mm ef-s lens has 42
This means that “canon 18-55mm ef-s lens” is very
profitable to pursue.
Amazon Keyword Mastery
Page 17
Ninja Trick #2: The “vs” Keyword
Combined with Google Insights
This is probably one of the best methods that I'm
about to share with you. Putting the "Vs" word in
between two profitable products will strongly help
you make lots of money on untapped keywords.
The methods is simple:
1. Use the Google Insight method to pick on a
profitable keyword. Example: Panasonic Lumix
2. Now go to Google search and enter in "Panasonic
Lumix dmc-ts3 vs" Please notice the "Vs"
Google Instant will then generate results of other
products you can use to compare it to.
3. As you can see in Google instant you will get the
following suggestions
Amazon Keyword Mastery
Page 18
Let's go with the first suggestion: "panasonic lumix
dmc-ts3 vs nikon aw100"
4. Plug the "Nikon AW100" into Google Insights to
figure out if is profitable as well. Using the main
method of this report.
5. Get a review article on this and you should be
able to rank with it using only On-Page SEO.
This is because these keywords are so untapped
and the competition is extremely low. This
creates an awesome opportunity for you!
Amazon Keyword Mastery
Page 19
Bonus Section #1: Where to Outsource
Your Amazon Reviews
Now that you know how to do keyword research, I
wanted to give you the best outsources I
recommend to get you results cheaper, better and
For Content:
I recommend
These guys offer 400 word articles for only $3.
They also offer really professional style Amazon
reviews for only $5 and they are usually 800 words.
The person that runs this service is a reputable
warrior and I have used his services many times.
He also offers unlimited revisions to article until
you get it the way you like it.
Personally, I think that outsourcing your writing is
the probably the next most crucial aspect after
choosing profitable keywords. This way, you can
easily spend your time actually focusing on the
more important aspects of your business.
Amazon Keyword Mastery
Page 20
Bonus Section #2: How to Effectively SEO
Your Review Articles
Sometimes just On-Page SEO won’t be enough.
This is why you’ll have to depend on a couple of
SEO techniques to get your review ranking on page
For Me Personally I’ve used 3 Fiverr gigs from
specific seller that have ranked me for pretty
competitive review terms and here they are.
1. .EDU Backlinks That Stick:
2. Facebook Likes and Google +1s from Different
3. 600 Bookmarks submission all pinged.
Amazon Keyword Mastery
Page 21
The key in the gigs I gave you is the diversity of
You are essentially combining 3 things:
1. Link Quality: .edu backlinks are very high quality
2. Link Diversity: bookmarked + social engagement
+ .edu backlinks
3. Link Velocity: the 600 bookmarks will get
dripfed over a period of time to not hurt your
This is the key to successful backlinking and will
shoot up your review in the search engines.
Amazon Keyword Mastery
Page 22
I hope that you enjoyed my WSO. You now have
the ability to find really untapped and profitable
keywords for your Amazon affiliate sites.
Like I said, it is short and straight to the point
because it is meant to be very actionable. If you
need any more clarification just contact me and
make sure you see the video demo that I made.
Also make sure to check out the bonus video on On-
Page SEO domination. You will learn exactly how I
rank on the first page of Google for low competition
keywords using the method in the video.
Amazon Keyword Mastery
Page 23
1.The Most Converting Amazon
Review Theme:
2.Get Viral Traffic to Your Amazon
3.Amazing Amazon Product Reviews:
4.Rank Your Amazon Youtube
Videos on Page One: