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What is the definition of “distance.”

What is the definition of “displacement.”

If James has to get from the cafeteria to the IT
building and runs the 20m there, only to find
out class is in the media center 30m away,
what is the distance James traveled.

If I turn in the TV in the living room, walk
10m to the kitchen to get a snack, and then
walk 8m back to the living room and crash on
the couch, what is my displacement?

What is the definition of speed?

What is the formula for speed?

What is the definition of velocity?

Is the formula for speed and velocity the
same thing?

If Sarah can run 10 m in 2 seconds, what is
her speed?

If a car can drive 55 miles in 11 minutes, how
fast is the car traveling?

What is the definition of acceleration?

What is the formula for acceleration?

If Mary is at the track meet and she speeds up
from 6 m/s to 10m/s in 2s to win the race,
what was her acceleration?

What does negative acceleration mean?

What directions are negative for vector

If a car is slowing down AND going west, is
the acceleration positive or negative?

What is centripetal acceleration? When do we
use it?

What is the formula for

If a horse is running around a ring with a 5m
radius, and the horse is trotting at 5m/s,
what is it’s

What is

What is the formula for

how fast the object was falling

What is the

formula to figure out
far the object fell?

Tom wants to play a trick on Jerry and drop a
bucket of water on his head. If the bucket of
water has to fall in one second to hit Jerry
coming through the door, how high does the
bucket have to be above the door?

A rockslide happened in California last week
and a boulder hit a Toyota. If the rock took 3
seconds to fall and hit the car, what was the
rock’s final velocity?

What are the three types of projectile
motions? (the fancy word is trajectory)

What are the two types of velocities we have
to think about for projectile motion?

What is vertical acceleration ALWAYS going to

What is vertical velocity when the object is

What is vertical velocity at the object’s peak.

What is