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Project List

We are providing Project Guidance and Training on following Technologies:


Analog and Digital hardware design projects in all fields like power supply (Analog and
SMPS), Telecommunication (IVRS, SMS, GSM and GPRS), digital design and Audio



based design
based projects.


Wireless (RF, RFID, IR and WiFi,Zigbee) Technology based.




8 bit Microcontroller 8052/PIC BASED.


Motor Speed control through microcontroller and Drivers.


Software languages ( C/
C++ ,.Dot Net ,VB,VC++ ) projects.

To get the idea of some pr
, l
ist of projects are given below
. We can also guide you on
any topic in the field of hardware and software for the development of project over and above
below list.

. Home Appliances C
ontrol using DTMF

Controlling devices using the switches are common. Some technologies like IR remote
control are used for short distance applications. Now we are controlling our home appliance
using phone or mobile system, so that we can control our devi
ces from a long distance. Using
DTMF technology, we can control any home appliance in this project. We used IC 8870 for
digits detection, which then detected by the micro controller, then a suitable appliance will be
on or off by the micro controller. We u
se the AT89S52 micro controller to control all these
functioning. Relays are used for appliance switching.

. Multi
floor Lift Control System using Stepper Motor

This is the multi
floor lift control system, in which universal stepper motor is used to pul
and pull
down the lift at desired floor. The AT89S52 Micro Controller controls all
functioning. The current status of the lift will be stored in the EEPROM, by which micro
controller will detect that on which floor lift is stand, when user press any k
ey to go to the
desired floor. A keypad is used for different floor. Seven segments are used for display the
current status of the lift. We also gives the indication of the lift that it will be going to up or
down by suitable led.

. Door Security System
with Mechanical key and Password

In this project, we use the mechanical key and password enters by the user for open the door.
If any one of them will be miss
matched, door cannot be opened. In this project, there are
basically two types of users, one is
administrator and others are normal users. Administrator
can change the password of other users. First any user should insert the mechanical key, then
he/she will be entered the password. If he is the authorized user, then door will be opened,
otherwise no

We use the LCD display for displaying the proper messages to the user. A matrix keypad is
used for enter the password or edit the password (only by administrator). A buzzer is used to
indicate that it is the invalid user if unauthorized. We use the AT89
S52 micro controller to
control all the functioning in this project. A Unipolar stepper motor is used to open or close
the gate.

. Door Security System based on RFID

frequency identification (RFID) is an automatic identification method, relying on
storing and remotely retrieving data using devices called RFID tags or transponders. An
RFID tag is an object that can be applied to or incorporated into a product, animal, or person
for the purpose of identification using radiowaves.

In this project AT89S
52 micro controller is used which detect the code of RFID tags by the
serial communication. If code is authorised, then gate will be opened otherwise not. A
unipolar stepper motor is used for opening or closing the gate.

. Ultra Sonic Range Finder


are several ways to measure distance without contact. One way is to use ultrasonic
waves at 40 kHz for distance measurement. Ultrasonic transducers measure the amount of
time taken for a pulse of sound to travel to a particular surface and return as the r

This project calculates the distance based on the speed of sound at 25°C ambient temperature
and shows it on a 7
segment display. Using it, you can measure distance up to 2.5 meters.
AT89C2051 micro controller is used in this project to tran
smit and receive the frequency and
display on seven segments accordingly.

. Automatic Railway Gate Control System and Auto breaking

Present project is designed using 8051 micro controller to avoid railway accidents happening
at unattended railway gates
. This project utilizes two powerful IR transmitters and two
receivers; one pair of transmitter and receiver is fixed before the railway crossing gate and
similarly the other pair is fixed after the railway
crossing gate. When train cross the first pair,
he railway
crossing gate will be turning off automatically and suitable message will be
displayed on LCD display. When train will pass to another pair, gate will be opened
automatically. Train’s entry and exit time will be store in the memory, which can be

seen by
using a keypad. We can also update or delete the memory using suitable key on the keypad.
The AT89S52 micro controller performs all functioning. Gate will be open or close by using
the stepper motor.

There is another feature in this project “auto
breaking”. When train is running in one
direction, and another train will come from another direction, then train will be stopped

. DC motor speed control

This project has done using PIC16F72 micro controller. There are two keys used for
incrementing or decrementing the motor speed. For this, micro controller generates the
PWM. Based on keys status, micro controller increment or decrement the PWM, by which
speed will be up or down.

. DC motor speed control with feed back

This project ha
s done using PIC16F72 micro controller. There are two keys used for
incrementing or decrementing the motor speed. For this, micro controller generates the
PWM. Based on keys status, micro controller increment or decrement the PWM, by which
speed will be up

or down.

There is a feedback circuit also used in this project. When any load is given to the motor, so
speed will be down, so by feedback circuit, we detect this variation, so that we manage the
PWM to getting the previous speed. When load will be remov
ed, the speed will be back on
original state as was previous.

. NE555 based seven
segment display using 7490 & 7447

This module will acquaint us with some of the basics of electronic circuitry. We will build a
two digit counter display (0.0 to 9.9) usin
g seven segment display, two BCD Display Boards,
two 7490 Binary Counters, one 555 timer chip, and various resistors and a capacitor. Using a
step procedure we will assemble and test various blocks of the counter display. One
of the final steps wil
l have us adjusting the clock speed using an oscilloscope and a variable

. Water tank controller with 4 levels

this is basically pic microcontroller based project. In this project, there are 4 sensors are used,
which tell the controller unit

the level of water in the water tank. So micro controller will
display the current level on display unit. There are two modes in this project. Manual mode
and auto mode. When tank is empty, motor will be on automatically in auto mode, and off
y when tank will be full. In manual mode we can on or off the motor as we
required. Remote control can be used to set the modes and on or off the motor in this project.

. Line Follower ROBOT

This is the Robot, which use two motors control

rear wheels a
nd the single front wheel is
free. It has 4
infrared sensors on the bottom for detect black tracking tape, when the sensors
detected black color, output of

comparator, LM324 is low logic and the other the output is

. Temperature Display


is going to be a little device to switch things off if the ambient temperature
rises above a definable level. A certain time before switching off, a message is sent down the
serial link to the host computer telling it how long until the power will be

switched off. The

will then switch things back on once it thinks the temperature has gone back to
normal. The

displays the ambient temperature on a 2
digit display, and also
sends the temperature down the serial link once a minute
for a computer to log or monitor.
All critical temperatures and time delays are settable, and stored in EEPROM in case the
power fails. The
has an operating temperature range of 0 degrees to 70 degrees.

(without camera, with camera)

This mobile controlled robot is designed for spying purpose in the enemy area or some
unknown area .It has all the control like normal car, self powered through battery, stops
instantly when stop applied, moving in both the di
rection turning left and right speed control.
The wireless camera is installed; sends continuously audio and video can be monitored on
any tv. Remotely controlled by looking at remote tv through any mobile phone. . It also
Sense fire and spray water. For n
ight mode it has searchlight.


Mobile phone, Robotic car, TV TX Rx, Wireless camera, Temperature sensor, Water
pump, LDR sensor, HB LED, Microcontroller logic.


This is PIC microcontroller based ultra compact project u
sed to display room temperature
and intensity of light on LCD. It also displays your college name.


Servomotors are used in most RC cars, boats, helicopters and planes.

They are often used to
control sensitive adjustments such as ste
ering, but have many other uses in robotics and
positioning control systems. This project control and display status of servomotor on LCD.


Advance PIC microcontroller based having EEPROM, all massage on LCD Display,

switches for candidates, 4 switches for control operation, data stored in
EEPROM memory in failure of light.

. SPEED CONTROL OF Stepper motor

This project is actually an educational kit. One can study the full operation of unipolar type
stepper motor u
sing this board. This is an advance LCD based stepper motor project in which
you have option for clockwise or anticlockwise, different speed, different time of operation.

. bidiractional SPEED CONTROL OF dc motor

This project is actually an educational k
it. One can study the full operation of dc motor, H
Bridge LCD interfacing using this board. This is an advance LCD based DC motor controller
project in which you have option for clockwise or anticlockwise, different speed, different
time of operation.



Visitor counting is simply a measurement of the visitor traffic entering and exiting offices,
malls, sports venues, etc. Counting the visitors helps to maximize the efficiency and
effectiveness of employees, floor area and sa
les potential of an organization.

Here is a microcontroller
based visitor counter that can be used to know the number of
persons at a place also it automatically open the door both enter and exit side.


It displays room temperatur
e on 7 segment and control AC and FAN according to user
programmed temperature to maintain room temperature.



It is high power DC motor controlled robot, having load capacity 10 kg, automatically sense
Light and moves toward that signal.