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Newton, Mass. (March 2, 2006) Pro-Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (Amex: PRW), a
developer of novel carbohydrate-based therapeutic compounds, today announced that
David Platt, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer, Pro-Pharmaceuticals, will present in an
abstract and poster, “Carbohydrate-directed Chemotherapy: Improving the Odds of
Clinical Success,” at the Massachusetts Biotechnology Council's Annual Discovery Day
Science Symposium. This year's theme is "
Catalyzing Technologies: Innovative Tools
for Biopharmaceutical Success"
and will be held on Wednesday, March 8, 2006 from
8:30am - 6:30pm at the Sheraton Copley Hotel, Boston, MA.

“The data indicates DAVANAT
exhibits broad spectrum enhancement of anti-tumor
drugs, including 5-Fluorouracil (5-FU), Irinotecan, and AVASTIN
in human colon and
breast tumors. Data from the recently completed Phase I trial that evaluated patients
with advanced cancer that had a median tumor load of more than 100mm indicates the
potential benefit of DAVANAT
in 5-FU refractory patients,” said Dr. Platt. “We are
encouraged with the anti-tumor activity of DAVANAT
/5-FU and look forward to
confirming the benefit of this combination therapy in our Phase II and Phase lll trials for
colorectal cancer and cholangiocarcinoma.”

Phase lll Colorectal Cancer Trial
The Company initiated a European Phase lll clinical trial for second line treatment of
patients with metastatic colorectal cancer. The full trial is expected to have up to 800
patients in 60 centers and consist of four arms: Irinotecan, leucovorin and 5-FU
(FOLFIRI) with and without DAVANAT
, and oxaliplatin, leucovorin and 5-FU (FOLFOX)
with and without DAVANAT

Phase ll Cholangiocarcinoma Trial
The Company initiated a Phase II open label, multi-center study of its lead carbohydrate
compound DAVANAT
with chemotherapeutic agent 5-FU for first line treatment of
patients with cholangiocarcinoma (bile duct).

The Company plans to

expand this trial to
Europe and is expected to treat up to 30 patients.

Ongoing Phase II Colorectal Cancer Trial
The Company has an ongoing Phase II clinical trial of DAVANAT
/5-FU for third and
fourth line treatment of colorectal cancer patients in the U.S. that are refractory to
chemotherapy, including 5-FU. Enrollment in Stage 1 of the Simon’s two-stage design
has been completed. Additional information is available at

DAVANAT is a proprietary polysaccharide polymer comprised of mannose and
galactose carbohydrates in a CARBOSOME

formation that enables the target delivery
of chemotherapy drugs to protein receptors (lectins) on cancer cells.

Pro-Pharmaceuticals, Inc. – Advancing Drugs Through Glycoscience
Pro-Pharmaceuticals is a development stage company engaged in the discovery,
development and commercialization of carbohydrate-based therapeutic compounds. We
believe our expertise in carbohydrates offers numerous opportunities to provide
advanced treatment of disease including cancer, cardiovascular disease, inflammatory,
liver and microbial disease and viral infections. Initially, the product pipeline is principally
focused on increasing the efficacy and decreasing the toxicity of approved
chemotherapy drugs. The Company has been conducting clinical and pre-clinical
studies with 5-FU, leucovorin, irinotecan, doxorubicin, oxaliplatin, paclitaxel, cisplatin,
and bevacizumab (AVASTIN
). Results show that DAVANAT
exhibits a broad
spectrum of activity with tested drugs. Additional information is available at

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uncertainties and risks facing the Company, many of which are outside of the
Company’s control, future events could cause actual results to differ materially from
those indicated by such statements. More information about those risks and
uncertainties is contained and discussed in the "Management Discussion and Analysis
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Company’s most recent quarterly or annual report and in the Company’s other reports
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herein represent the Company’s views as of the date of this news release and should
not be relied upon to represent the Company’s views as of a subsequent date. While
the Company anticipates that subsequent events may cause the Company’s views to
change, the Company disclaims any obligation to update such forward-looking

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