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About this Report

This report begins with the current scenario of Pharmaceutical market in India with
current market size and structure, market drivers, challenges and competitive
landscape. Chapter 2 highlights factors leading India's emergence as a major global
player along with the global pharma market overview. The chapter 3 throws light on
how the current decade going to remain healthy for the Indian pharma Industry
followed by Chapter4 regulatory environment stating various laws and regulation
effecting Indian pharma Industry. The report gives overall feel of how by 2020 the
Indian pharma industry is going to grow healthy and going to make its existence
noticeable in global pharma Industry.

The Indian pharmaceutical market is highly regulated and fragmented, dominated by
private Indian companies. Currently the domestic Indian Pharmaceutical market is
valued at US$14.30 billion growing at a healthy double digit CAGR of 13% since 2005-
06. The major growth contributors are strong Indian demographics with robust
economic YOY growth, increase in affordability of medicines, an increased percentage of
disposable income being spent on healthcare and increased penetration of health
insurance. Also from the government initiatives side, the government has made public
healthcare one of its top priorities by launching policies and programs aimed at making
healthcare more affordable and accessible, especially in rural markets.

The global pharma market is expected to grow at 7% to 8% CAGR over the next five
years, reaching an anticipated US$ 1.7 trillion in 2020, India is going to rank among top
10 global player by 2015 itself. Looking at the immense potential Indian Pharmaceutical
industry have, IKON estimates that the current decade will be going to change the
prescription in Indian Pharmaceutical industry. India will emerge as a leading global
player holding the rank among top five major global markets by 2020.

Beneficial to:
Pharma Companies, Investors and Venture Capitalists, Industry Analysts & Consultants,
Corporate and Entrepreneurs, Industry association, Education and Government

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CHAPTER: 1 Indian Pharmaceutical Market – Current Scenario

1.1 Background
1.2 Market Structure
1.2.1 Product based
1.2.2 Participant based
1.3 Market Segmentation
1.4 Market Size
1.4.1 Major therapeutic segments driving market growth
1.4.2 Export Import trend
1.4.3 Share of Import Export in Industry Turnover
1.5 Contribution to Indian Economy
1.6 Market Drivers
1.6.1 Indian Economy on Robust Growth Track
1.6.2 Growing Indian Middle Class with Rise in the disposable income
1.6.3 Sound Technical Capability
1.6.4 Supportive Government Initiatives
1.6.5 The Indian Patent (Amendment) Act 2005
1.6.7 Low cost outsourcing opportunities
1.6.8 Medical Tourism & Medical Infrastructure
1.6.9 M&A by Indian private Companies
1.7 Market Challenges
1.7.1 Price Controls
1.7.2 R&D Spending
1.7.3 Patents & IPR Issues challenging Indian Pharma Industry
1.7.4 Counterfeiting and Spurious drugs
1.8 Competitive Landscape
1.8.1 Key Market Players
1.8.2 Top 10 player’s sales turnover & market share (2009-10)

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CHAPTER: 2 INDIA: Emerging Major Global Player
2.1 Global Pharmaceutical Market: at a glance
2.1.1 Overview

Top 20 global therapeutic areas
2.1.3 Key Global Trends

2.2 India’s emergence as major global player
2.2.1 India: A robust economy
2.2.2 India: Among top 10 major global players by 2015
2.2.3 India: A Low cost global outsourcing hub
2.2.4 India: Significant Share in World Export

CHAPTER: 3 2020: A Healthy Decade for Indian Pharmaceutical Industry
3.1 A decade of Growth: 2020
3.1.1 Market size by 2020
3.2 Factors will drive growth in current decade
3.2.1 Largest Domestic Market
3.2.2 Spending on Drugs & Pharmaceuticals
3.2.3 Penetration of Health Insurance
3.2.4 Booming Indian Healthcare Industry
3.2.5 Shifting pattern of diseases
3.2.6 New emerging sector opportunities
3.2.7 Rise of Tire ii, iii and rural areas
3.2.8 Global Future Market Segments
3.2.9 Rise of Diseases as an Epidemic in India

CHAPTER: 4 Regulatory Environment

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List of Figures:
Figure 1: Product Segments
Figure 2: Sector contribution in Industry turnover
Figure 3: Pharmaceutical market by products/service
Figure 4: Pharmaceutical market by Therapeutics
Figure 5: Indian Pharmaceutical Market
Figure 6: International Trade of Drugs & Pharmaceuticals in India
Figure 7: Share of international trade industry turnover
Figure 8: India real GDP growth rate
Figure 9: India monthly disposable income
Figure 10: US-FDA approved plants in India
Figure 11: India advantage for outsourcing opportunities
Figure 12: Global Pharmaceutical Market
Figure 13: GDP growth rate in emerging economies
Figure 14: Top 10 global pharma markets by 2015
Figure 15: Top 15 major export players
Figure 16: Indian pharma industry by 2020
Figure 17: India population in coming decades
Figure 18: Heath insurance coverage in India
Figure 19: India Health insurance penetration in current decade
Figure 20: Hospital market in India
List of Tables:
Table 1: Patent Application in Indian Pharma sector
Table2: Top 10 Major Indian Applicants for patents from Pharmaceutical industry
Table 3: Key recent M&A
Table 4: The leading pharmaceutical market players in India
Table 5: Top 10 player’s sales turnover and market share (2009-10)
Table 6: Top 20 global therapeutic areas


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