CSE 494/598 CSE 494/598 Human Robot Interaction Human Robot Interaction

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CSE 494/598
CSE 494/598
Human Robot Interaction
Human Robot Interaction
Taught by Dr.
Taught by Dr.

Winslow Burleson
Winslow Burleson
Fall 2008 1:30-2:45
Fall 2008 1:30-2:45
Topics Include:

Human Robot Teams

Complex Systems Engineering

Scientific Exploration

Decision Making and Improvisation
No Prerequisites
NASA Image create by Pat Rawlings, (JSC) Image S99-04192
Since January 2004, NASA has been pursuing a new Exploration Vision,
the central objective of which is to establish a human-robotic presence on
the Moon within the next two decades, as a precursor to exploration of Mars.
This course will be a project-based course focused on examining and
advancing novel and radical approaches to human-robot teaming, which
have the potential to greatly transform space exploration and human-robot
social interactions on Earth, as well.
The course
will highlight concepts and
hods that differ significantly from current approaches -- going beyond
traditional master-slave tele-operation and conventional supervisory control
structures to create the necessary circumstances

and technologies for true
collaborations and teammate relationships between humans and robots.
Throughout the course, the focus will be on developing technologies,
systems, and simulations that explore how non-t
raditional designs can
synergistically leverage the distinct capabilities of humans and robots to
meet and exceed mission requirements.