Collaborative Activity and Human-Robot Interaction

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Collaborative Activity and Human-Robot
Geert-Jan M.Kruij
The talk will highlight issues in processing situated dialogue in
human-robot interaction.We see such interaction as part of a larger
collaborative activity.The human and the robot are engaged in a
form of joint activity,and dialogue as (inter)action is part of that.
This makes utterance meaning more than"just content."A robot
needs to gure out what the utterance refers to,what new information
it provides { but also,why somebody said it,and how the robot is
supposed to act upon it.
Processing and managing dialogue therefore needs to be integrated
with modeling multi-agent beliefs and -intentions.We discuss the
implications of environment uncertainty and -dynamics on how such
multi-agent models need to be modeled and maintained.This leads
to more general implications for cognitive architecture design.Par-
ticularly,we focus on the grounding of multi-agent models in various
types of short- and long-term memories,and how that grounding can
make it possible to use these models as interface between dierent
types of deliberative cognitive processes like planning,dialogue,and
The talk illustrates the discussed approaches on several robot sys-