TeraGrid User Portal Migration Project Summery

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TeraGrid User Portal Migration

Project Summery

Jeff Koerner

Director of Operations

TeraGrid GIG

Matt Heinzel


TeraGrid GIG

September 2009



TeraGrid Internet Framework Project

Internet Framework Pilot

Contract Negotiations

Round table updates


TeraGrid User Portal Third Party Hosting RAT

Current Events

Links to RAT Documentation

Next Steps

Matt Heinzel


Timeline 1 of 7

10/13/07 TeraGrid Internet Framework Project

High Level Goal: Increase TeraGrid's web presence via the User Portal,
Web Site and Gateways to enable a more uniform look and feel, while
facilitating user personalization & customization.

TeraGrid Internet Framework functional requirements include:

Replacement of GridSphere due to lack of support

Provide capabilities to customize and personalize user views,
such as using “drag and drop” of various widgets, RSS feeds,
calendar, news, etc. based on user preferences.

Allow TeraGrid Web site, User Portal, Wiki, and potentially
Science Gateways to all benefit by using the same web
framework and facilitate development to a single documented
uniform API and style.

Provide content management capabilities to assure separation
of content and presentation.


Timeline (cont.) 2 of 7

TeraGrid Internet Framework Environment requirements include:

New Servers capable of supporting minimum
requirements of software framework.

Version control of portal source code.

Secondary site redundancy (hot or cold).

Timely maintenance of servers and updating of patches.

Adhere to a defined supportable Service Level Agreement.

Provide a 24/7 point of contact of administrative

Adoption of 99.95% standards

Maximum of 22 min of unplanned downtime a month.


Timeline (cont.) 3 of 7

5/1/08 Internet Framework Pilot Completed

The following software packages were considered Catalyst,
EnginFrame, Jboss, JetSpeed, Websphere, BEA & Liferay.

Liferay and Websphere were identified as two top candidates.

After the pilot it was concluded that Websphere would be
used to implement the framework.

7/9/08 IBM announced willingness to negotiate on Websphere
costs, provided preferred 3

party hosting vendor (Ascendent) is

9/25/08 An update on the Internet Framework project was given
during the round table meeting, including the announcement that
we would be moving the portal to Ascendent to receive preferred
pricing with IBM.


Timeline (cont.) 4 of 7

1/15/09 Individuals sent to Ascendent for
Websphere training.

2/10/09 Licensing/pricing issues ultimately could
not be resolved with IBM, resulting in the
dropping of Websphere from consideration.

Due to this our alternate choice Liferay would be used.

Liferay to be hosted at Rackspace.

Established business relationship

Better pricing then Ascendent

Met all our environment requirements


Timeline (cont.) 5 of 7

5/14/09 Request for people to participate in
TeraGrid User Portal Third Party Hosting RAT.

Based on the concerns expressed by the Security Group, the
TeraGrid User Portal Third Party Hosting RAT was initiated. The
RAT's purpose was to identify and address any security related
issues before moving forward with a 3

party vendor

5/26/09 TGUP Third Party Hosting RAT Charter
presented on TG Forum call & Follow
up e
mail was
sent to TG Forum

Taken from Rat “The TeraGrid is migrating the TeraGrid User Portal
(TGUP) from a RP site to a commercial third
party provider. The
goal of this RAT is to identify issues with the move of the TGUP, as
a critical piece of TeraGrid Infrastructure with a role in the TeraGrid
single sign
on architecture, from a RP to the third party and make
suggestions on how those issues should be addressed.”


Timeline (cont.) 6 of 7

6/1/09 Third Party Hosting RAT group initiated

Members of RAT

Mike Northrop (UC), Lead

Jim Marsteller (PSC)

Mike Pingleton (NCSA)

Steve Mock (TACC)

Sean McCreary (NCAR)

Jim Basney (NCSA)

Jim Rome (ORNL)

JP Navarro (UC/ANL)

Von Welch (NCSA)

The technique used in RAT follows:

Summary of procedures and controls provided by the RP for the TGUP.

Summary of procedures and controls provided by commercial provider.

Identification of differences between items A and B with identification of priority of
the differences.

Recommendations for mitigating differences identified in item C that are determined
to be important.


Timeline (cont.) 7 of 7

6/18/09 Recommendations completed

6/23/09 The findings of the RAT were presented to Matt, Von, and
Dave H at TG09.

7/2/09 A response of the recommendations was
sent to the RAT group and the RAT was closed.

Current Liferay project

The teams would like to
push the new web site and user portal in
production by October 31, 2009.

The Liferay migration project is currently in progress and would like
to push the new web site and user portal in production by Oct 31.

New servers are required for the Liferay project, delay of new
servers will impact the Liferay project.


Links to RAT documentation



Working document of issues identified by team and


Summary of Recommendations:


Response to Recommendations:



Next Steps