Luminis Platform Product Roadmap

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Luminis Platform Product Roadmap

The following slides represent a reference roadmap for the Luminis Platform solution.

Question: What are the differences between product roadmaps and product calendars?

Product calendars

show those releases that are already generally available, those
releases that are in construction, and those releases with dates that are somewhat fixed, like
regulatory releases. In other words, product calendars will show what is available, what will
soon be available, and what must be available on certain dates. Product calendars are not
contractual commitments, but they can be used with the appropriate level of assurance for
client planning purposes. Product calendars are published for all SunGard HE products on
the Customer Support Center.
Product roadmaps

provide vision and insight into the current
plans and direction of a product line
beyond that of the product calendars
. By their very
product roadmaps include more uncertainty
than product calendars. They are
obviously not contractual commitments either, but they can provide useful information for
general client planning purposes. Product roadmaps, including the following Luminis Platform
slides, carry the following disclaimer:

This document contains forward

looking statements based on current expectations, forecasts
and assumptions of SunGard Higher Education that involve risks and uncertainties. Forward
looking statements are subject to risks and uncertainties associated with SunGard Higher
Education’s business that could cause actual results to vary materially from those stated or
implied by such forward
looking statements.

* Development by or collaboration with other SG teams

Luminis Platform Roadmap

LP 5.0.1

March 2011

LP 5.0

October 2010


Service Oriented Architecture

Liferay Portal Server


JSR286 Portlet Support

Web 2.0 User Experience

Reliability, Clustering

Simplified Management

Apps &

Community & Collaboration

Social Media and Tools

User Private and Personal spaces

Banner Portlets

Mail/Calendar Portlets

My Courses Portlet

Targeted Messaging


Banner data/pres Integration

Google Mail/Calendar Integration

Portlet Communication

LMS integration via CAS

Arabic and French Localization bundles

Ongoing defect fixing and performance enhancements

page scroll bar enhancements

LP 4 to LP 5 Migration Support

User Interface Design (UXD): Faculty Dashboard

User Interface Design (UXD): Faculty Schedule

User Interface Design (UXD): Advancement Campaign

User Interface Design (UXD): My Mail

User Interface Design (UXD): My Grades

User Interface Design (UXD): Academic Profile

User Interface Design (UXD): Web Logs

Enhanced Banner data imports

Enhanced Google Provisioning

Luminis Platform Roadmap

2H 2011

2Q 2011

Ongoing Each Release: Banner Integration Improvements, Accessibility, Online Help Documentation, UXD work, Defect Fixes,


LP 4 to LP 5 Migration (GA)

Generic Connector Framework

Ongoing internationalization refinement

Apps &


LMS Integration Enhancements

Entity Processing

Improved clustering and caching

Windows and SQL Server

Mobile Connection Framework support

System hot backups

SSL Termination Endpoint

Targeted Content Portlet Application

User setting of default landing page

T&E, DegreeWorks, Workflow, and BDMS

Portal Search Function

Targeted Announcement enhancements

Banner Power Filter/Imported Groups

Enhanced Identity Management / SPML support

Microsoft Live@edu mail and calendaring

Banner Relationship Management/EM/PSP support for LP 5

Active Directory provisioning

Luminis Platform Roadmap




Apps &


services (SaaS) offering

Business Process Portals

Portlet/Portal Application Marketplace

Zimbra mail and calendar

Sun mail and calendar

Data Confidentiality

Course Consolidator

Ongoing Each Release: Banner Integration Improvements, Accessibility, Online Help Documentation, UXD work, Defect Fixes,


Active Directory provisioning

Shibboleth support