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Michael Blair

Michael Blair was responsible for several technical roles within the project including GPS interfacing,
flash memory, and power management. He worked side
side with Michael Carpenter to research
GPS technology and procure the best GPS
solution possible. They then integrated GPS to the
microcontroller over UART communication and several weeks of programming. This process included
researching and implementing the NMEA 0183 standard to obtain useful information, parsing that
for position and velocity data, and then storing it in a useful manner so it may be integrated
with INS at a later date. Michael Blair and Michael Carpenter worked effectively together to produce all
programming required to interface the GPS to the rest o
f project.

In addition to his work on GPS, Michael researched and procured non
volatile flash memory for use in
the device. To implement a large enough storage solution, Michael worked tirelessly on researching and
implementing the SPI standard form of co
mmunication. Michael dealt with issues of faulty hardware
and various incompatibilities but was able to successfully overcome these challenges.

Once hardware was initialized, Michael developed and wrote a software driver that was responsible for
all commu
nication operations with flash memory. These operations included various read and write
functions, as well as erasing and other memory management tasks. This was a critical step in integrating
the entire system as the memory is accessed and shared by a la
rge number of functions.

Michael was also responsible for researching and procuring a mobile power source for the device. This
involved researching various battery technologies and choosing the best fit for the project’s application.
He then procured the

necessary components, taking into account the operational battery life of the
device, user convenience, various safety precautions, and ease of implementation.

In addition to these contributions, Michael contributed to supporting other team members and th
designated tasks. He helped in the procurement of parts for other systems, provided additional help
debugging complex algorithms, and took an active role in PCB layout and packaging.