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Suite 71, Plaistowe Mews, City West, West Perth WA 6005
Telephone (08) 9322 6789 Facsimile (08) 9322 6770
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Course Duration
Course Cost
Course Delivery
Course Prerequisites
The Multimedia and Prepress Training Centre Presents:
Fast Track to ColdFusion MX is designed to teach experienced web developers how to create dynamic,
database-driven web applications using ColdFusion MX with Dreamweaver MX. The course is a task-based,
with students learning by doing. Over the next 3 days, students build a web application for a wholesale cof-
fee company. Along with covering the basics of ColdFusion MX, the course focuses on best practices and
design, stressing the importance of usability, optimization, and performance.
3 days [21 teaching hours] Training will be delivered by our Macromedia Certified
Instructor using Macromedia training materials as per our Macromedia Authorised Training
Scheduled Course Cost - $795.00 inc GST (as per training schedule)
Customised 1/2 day (4hrs) on your site 1-2 persons from $485 our site from $650
Customised 1 day (7hrs) on your site 1-2 persons from $850 our site from $1210
For groups greater than 2 and for information about how to DISCOUNT on your training by UP TO
25% using Desktop Applications Digital Dollars call 9322 6789
The course will be delivered to small groups (max 8) in a non threatening environment with each
participant using new 17” LCD Flat screen monitors with either a new dual processor Apple G4 or
Compaq Pentium 4 computer. The instructor has their own computer with a giant multimedia screen
which allows for all students to see demonstrations easily and training is delivered in an easy to
understand and friendly manner.
You need to have familiarity with web terminology and an understanding of web server characteristics,
experience with the HTML tag set and syntax, familiarity with the SQL command set, including SELECT,
INSERT, and UPDATE. This entry level course will take you as far as you can go and targets people who
have little or no experience at the outset. It is a course suitable for managers and staff who will use, over-
see the use of, or benefit from a better understanding of this software and it’s capabilities.
Macromedia ColdFusion MX
Course Outcome
At completion of this course, you will be able to:
*Set up and manage the ColdFusion MX development environment
*Use the ColdFusion Markup Language (CFML)
*Connect to a database
*Re-use code
*Build queries that retrieve, insert, and update data dynamically.
*Perform client-side and server-side validation
*Authenticate users and secure access to pages
*Use local, query, form, and URL variables
*Incorporate custom tags, user defined functions, and ColdFusion components into your application
*Create a search form
*Build a data drill-down interface
*Develop fully interactive, database-driven web applications.
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Course Objectives
The course will be held at the newly upgraded Desktop Applications Training Centre in West Perth.
Lunch will be provided for full day courses as well as morning and afternoon tea. Free parking at
City West for all trainees.
Students will be introduced to the following ColdFusion MX Features:
*Advantages of dynamic web pages *The ColdFusion Markup Language.
*ColdFusion MX components and features *Working with ColdFusion MX.
*Exploring Dreamweaver MX *Developing ColdFusion applications.
*Creating and displaying ColdFusion variables *Using ColdFusion functions.
*Commenting code *Connecting to, querying, and updating a database.
*Using debug data *Displaying database data using the Dynamic Table tool.
*Renaming query columns *Reusing code *Including pages.
Course Location
Course Outcome
This course will comprise a number of learning outcomes with each outcome being assessed on it’s
completion. It is a task-based course, with students learning by doing. Assessment will be princi-
pally through the use of exercises, which each participant will be required to complete. In addition,
a number of questions will be addressed to the group in order to clarify their understanding of the
topics covered.
Suite 71, Plaistowe Mews, City West, West Perth WA 6005
Telephone (08) 9322 6789 Facsimile (08) 9322 6770
Emai l: t r ai ni ng @deskt opappl i cat i
Course Structure
Macromedia ColdFusion MX
Unit 1: Course Overview
-Course objectives.
-Course prerequisites.
-Web applications: The next gener-
ation Internet.
Unit 2: Introducing ColdFusion
-Advantages of dynamic web
-ColdFusion Markup Language.
-ColdFusion MX components and
Unit 3: Getting Started
-Working with ColdFusion MX.
-Exploring Dreamweaver MX.
-Developing ColdFusion
-Creating ColdFusion variables.
-Displaying variables.
-Using ColdFusion functions.
-Commenting code.
Unit 4: Publishing Database
-Connecting to a database.
-Querying a database table.
-Viewing debug data.
-Displaying database data.
-Renaming query columns.
-Using the Dynamic Table tool.
-Additional information returned
with queries.
Unit 5: Reusing Templates
-Reusing code.
-Including pages from a different
-Creating a ColdFusion mapping.
-Using custom tags.
-Using user-defined functions.
-ColdFusion components.
Unit 6: Building Forms with
ColdFusion MX
-Understanding HTML forms.
-Enabling debug output.
-ColdFusion and forms.
-Conditional processing.
-Testing for form submission.
-Evaluating form variables.
Unit 7: Building Search Interfaces
-Using form data in dynamic queries.
-Using multiple search criteria.
-Text searches.
-List searches.
Unit 8: Building a Drill-Down Interface
-Using dynamic URL parameters.
-Creating a data drill-down.
Unit 9: Inserting New Data.
-Building an insert page.
-Building an insert form page.
-Server-side validation.
-Building an insert action page.
Unit 10: Updating Data
-Updating database data.
-Building an update form page.
-Pre-filling HTML forms.
-Client-side validation.
-Server-side versus client-side validation.
-Building an update action page.
Unit 11: Securing an Application
-Addressing the web’s statelessness.
-The Application framework.
-Application.cfm variables.
-Securing applications.
-Logging out.
-Using the GetAuthUser and IsUserInRole
The Multimedia and Prepress Training Centre Presents: