Master of Physics: Solid-state physics at the nanometer scale

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Master of Physics:

state physics at the nanometer scale

Thesis theme:

Thesis title:

Dynamical interplay of light and superconductivity at

Superconductivity is a macroscopic quantum effect with a

variety of
fascinating properties.

As reflected in its name, one of those is the dissipation less flow of
electrical current


feature very much appreciated for desired energy savings.
Nevertheless, the superconducting

state is highly sensitive to a
variety of external factors,
such as temperature, the magnetic

field, or exposure to light

i.e. bombardment of
relatively high energetic photons, to name a

few. Although the latter effect is useful to
construct superconductor
based single photon

s, the underlying physics is not fully

: Opto
superconductor hybrid to investigate quasiparticle dynamics

The aim of this

is to expand

our knowledge about the nontrivial interplay

superconductivity and light.
The incentive for these new hybrid structures is given by
recent breakthroughs achieved in the

field of plasmonics, in which the interplay of light
with nanostructured metallic materials is



Within this th
esis we will create a

new type of hybrid systems


a thin

superconducting film with such a nanostructured metallic film
. These structures will be
investigated using, low temperature, transport measurements.

N. Verellen, Y. Sonnefraud, H. Sobhani, F. Hao, V. V.Moshchalkov,P. Van Dorpe, P. Nordlander, and S.
A. Maier,
Nano Letters
(4), 1663
1667 (2009).

Promoter: Prof. J. Van de Vondel

Faculty/research group:

Faculty of Science/Nanoscale Superconductivity a
nd Magnetism

Daily supervision: J. Van de Vondel


Graduating option: M
aster of Physics

Type of work: experimental

Number of students: 1