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Francis Lopetegui




NetBeans ( Sun Microsystems Inc.)


It’s a good Software Develpoment tool

Researching different IDE to use for another course.

This IDE was very useful and decided to report on it.

What is an IDE?

An integrated development environment (IDE)
is a software application that provides
comprehensive facilities to computer
programmers for software development. An
IDE normally consists of a source code editor,
a compiler and/or interpreter, build automation
tools, and (usually) a debugger.


Popular IDE



Visual Studio

The NetBeans IDE is a free, open
source(open source ?)
Integrated Development Environment for software developers.
You get all the tools you need to create professional desktop,
enterprise, web applications. The IDE runs on many platforms.

A Bit of History

NetBeans started as a student project at Charles
University in Prague in 1996. The goal was to write a
IDE in C/C++. During this time Java emerged as a
rapid developing language. The project then focused on
a Java IDE called Xelfi(and later became NetBeans).

Sun Microsystems(creator of Java) had no ‘real’ Java
development tools. Most users found Sun's Java
Workshop and Java Studio products lacking and
difficult to work with. So in 1999, Sun Microsystems
purchased NetBeans.

Supported Languages:

Many different Java platforms(Java SE, Java EE, JDBC)

Development of mobile applications(cellular) and other hand
held devices

C and C++ development


Standard based web applications visually using Ajax, CSS, and

Java ME

Also, since its open source, many developer created their own
ins. Here are a few:

Foxbeans(creates add
ons for Firefox)


Memory Monitor(monitors computer memory)

NetBeans have integrated tool into their standard
framework. Most on these are common in most IDEs.

Version Control Systems(CVS, SVN)

Assist to optimizing your application's speed and memory

Standard Debugger

Visual Editor


Swing GUI builder.

The ultimate

for NetBeans (or any IDE) is to have
developers create application in a single environment, as
oppose to many different ones. This can decreases the
amount of time it takes to produce code.

NetBeans vs. Competition(Based on Stock/ Yahoo Searches)

How does it relate to Software engineering?

NetBeans has
Unified Modeling Language (UML
modeling so you (and other developers) can focus on
the design of the application.

It comes as a standard tool in the current version!

Lets Try It!!!!

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NetBeans website