Small Appliance Monitoring & Diagnostic System

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Presented by:

Haime Dias


Benjamin Phillippe


Rance Fredericksen


The XBee™ Wireless
RF Transceivers were
used to implement all

The Current
Transformer allows
for a voltage
reading of AC
current in a safe

Sun’s NetBeans Design
Environment was our primary
tool for the development of the
Graphical User Interface in

With the ability to monitor your
power system, you become aware of
your power usage and the health of
your electrical devices.

With the ability to control your power,
your electrical system will be more
efficient enabling you to reduce your
power consumption and energy costs.

With the Small Appliance Monitoring
& Diagnostic System, you now have
the ability to know and control your
electrical system.

Problem Statement:

People need to monitor their power
consumption and identify potential
problems to combat rising energy costs.

Computer and Electronics
Engineering. Omaha Campus

Supervised by:

DR. Hamid Sharif

Current Transformer

Noise Measurement

AC Power From Outlet

AC Power To Device

Block Diagram for
Monitoring Units

Main Monitoring Program Screen