JavaFX (Visage) Intro

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JavaFX (Visage)

Dave Price

Aberystwyth University


JavaFX Platform (Functionality, APIs and Tools etc)

JavaFX Script

[Origin is in F3 “Form Follows Function” from Chris
Oliver who arrived when SeeBeyond Technology
Corporation bought by Sun in 2005]

First “full”(ish) version 1.2 (2009)

Supported by standalone tools and Netbeans 6.7.x

Has evolved, latest version of 1.x was 1.3.1

Supported by standalone tools or Netbeans 6.9.x.
Also now includes the “JavaFX Composer”


but this now leads to 2.x ]

JavaFX / Visage

Sept 2010, Sun/Oracle announce some future
intentions for JavaFX 2.0

“only an API”

drop JavaFX Script

But, as it will be “another Java API” it will be
usable from Java and any other language that
runs on the Java JVM.

Simultaneously, the “Visage” project announced

will effectively take over JavaFX Script

JavaFX Script (Visage)

“Domain Specific Language”


“innovative DSL for creating visually rich User

“declarative syntax”

Code structure mirrors the structure of the user

Describe what things need to look like rather
than how to do things

Graph user interfaces

Entry point is the “Stage”


Note: I’m not a graphic designer!!

My own examples don’t have a very “rich”
interface at all!

We will look at other “sample” examples
that do have rich interfaces

We will also look at a JavaFX application
that interacts with a CWL web service.

Some Sample JavaFX RIAs

Official Sun/Oracle JavaFX Website Examples


Developing Rich Internet Applications

JavaFX 1.2 Application Development Cookbook

Java FX In Action

Essential JavaFX