Java Monitoring Examples

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Java Monitoring

Java monitoring using Glassfish, JMX,
Glassbox and JConsole

by Greg Heithaus


JDK 1.6

used for running NetBeans,
Glassbox Inspector and the sample
Spring application

JDK 1.7

used for running JConsole

NetBeans 6.5 with Glassfish v2

Miscellaneous components from
1420 : Monitoring and
Troubleshooting using JMX and

JMX, MBeans, and JConsole


Java Management Extensions


The instrumentation
component of JMX


An interface
implementation of the connector
component of JMX

Glassbox Inspector

The Glassbox Sales Pitch (and the price is right):

The Glassbox troubleshooter is an automated
troubleshooting and monitoring agent for Java
applications that diagnoses common problems with
click. Drop it onto your existing Java Application
Server (Tomcat, JBoss, WebSphere, WebLogic), either
in production or testing. Because Glassbox's
troubleshooting knowledge is built in, anyone can
isolate a failing connection or a slow
running query
instantly. It adapts to your application and pinpoints
your errors or performance issue in plain English, and
you no longer need to wade through log files and

On with the show

Demo Glassbox

Demo JConsole

Demo JConsole Plugin

Run through as many of these as we have time for:

Persist plotter data for offline analysis

Set memory thresholds for low memory detection

Walk through stack traces for the live threads and detect

Enable verbose output for the memory system and set GC VM
options at runtime

Obtain a heap dump and analyze it with the jhat tool

Check the value of a system property in the target VM

Change the log levels of the loggers of an application at


Nice explanation of JMX and MBeans:

Sun stuff: NetBeans, Glassfish, Java, lots of
other cool stuff:

Lab 1420: