Web 2.0 Tools Used in the

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Web 2.0 Tools Used in the

Management Industry

What is Web 2.0?

What are its characteristics?

Who are major Web 2.0 players

The Machine is Us/



Web 1.0 Characteristics

Created by

those who have knowledge.

User experience is

through a


Fixed advertising

Traditional sites are about
publishing. I own what I publish.

All rights reserved.

Web 2.0 Characteristics

Value of the site increases as

generated content)

Organic interfaces. You find your
way around and things change.

Advertising varies based upon the
interests & needs of users.

Web 2.0 sites are about

I put it out
there and you do with it whatever
you want.

Some rights reserved

The HTML code used to make web pages indicates
how data should be

<b><u>Text that is bold and underlined</u></b>

<h1>Large font size</h1>

><li>Text that is in a bulleted list</li></

HTML does not tell you

XML indicates

It provides context for the data being transmitted.




Data provided about data

Web 2.0 Tools

we will use in this class

Google Docs & Spreadsheets

Collaborative application software

Blog (


An online journal that uses technology to publish
information on the Internet
(posted in reverse
chronological order)

One way communication: doesn’t work for teams

(pronounced we


based tools that make it easy for users to add, remove and change online content

Wikipedia: web
based encyclopedia: most well

Wikis can serve as a repository of team knowledge

When a user contributes a wiki entry, the system tracks who created the entry and the
date of creation.

As others modify the entry, the wiki software tracks the identity of the modifier and the date.

Your organization can deploy wiki software to create your own internal wikis that
can be used to conduct company business.

Wetpaint.com is one of the most well
known free wiki sites. It is thought of as a
“social website.”

What is a Social Website?

Why start a social website?


A wiki has been created for this class at

The wiki address is

You have been invited to join this private wiki
(check your webmail inbox)

Web 3.0

Some view Web 2.0 as simply a transitional period to the
new Internet technologies that will be found in Web 3.0

Everything (programs and data) will reside in the “cloud” and all
of our devices will access the cloud.

Web 3.0 will feature “intelligent” applications that will be able
to “figure out” what you are looking for and provide the most
relevant search results

The “semantic” web

Spring = season? or coil? or jump?

Natural language process, artificial intelligence, neural
networks, intelligent agents

Computers will be able to read and understand what is found
(put it into context)

What impact might these
technologies have on a business
operating in the investment
management (financial) industry?