Term 2 Week 5 - Alice Springs Steiner School

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, 2011


Working Bee ~ Cleanup ~ Whole

Sat 21st May from 8.00am

Autumn "May" Fair

Sat 28th May from 8.30am

How the gods create

from the depths of the spirit

reveals itself in the Light

weaving prolifically in space.

In this Light appears

the being of my Soul

as wide now as the universe

even resurrected

from the inward power

of my narrow self.

~ Calendar of the Soul

Please not

further information on festivals and other upcomi
ng events will be posted once we
have confirmation of times and details.

The Alice Springs Steiner School

P.O. Box 2736, Alice Springs, NT 0871

Phone: 08 8953 4578 Fax: 08 8952 3897

Mail: office@alicesteiner.nt.edu.au




Management Review

Our School has been blessed to have Elizabeth Blaxendale & Rosemary
Gentle in our midst for all of last week. Two very wise and experienced
Waldorf ladies, whom
listened (from dawn to dusk and into the night) to all that so many of our members and staff
had to contribute to our Management Review.

I feel we are also blessed to have so many people
in our school community whom care so much to ta
ke the time to contribute to this process.
What an exciting opportunity the Management Review is for the School.

Thank you to all.

report will take some time to be written, however, 5 Council reps met with them on Friday am
and have taken on board
an initial overview of their findings.

Council Meeting 3 May11

part of the Management Review was for Elizabeth &

Rosemary to
observe a Council meeting; and feedback to us their observations

they emphasised to us the
importance of good governance and that Council is the legal entity of the School. They gave us
some good tips including the critical importance of all

meetings being recorded or minuted and
those minutes being endorsed at the next meeting. I’ll take this opportunity of thanking Gary

Council Secretary, for the extraordinary job he does for the School as Secretary.

Early Childhood
was our main age
nda item; Council endorsed a recommendation from our
hardworking EC Task group (Susanne, Annie, Valmai, Ange & Bron) with the following Scope &
Support the early childhood program to transition to the new National Quality
Framework and St
; this is to be done by 30 November 2011.

2012 is a huge year of
accreditation for the school including Early Childhood. We currently have 116 children involved
from Playgroup to Ruby Saltbush.

Policies & Procedures
are to be a standing agenda ite
m for Council. With our Task group of
Gary, Leisl and Jane Hartwig reviewing, collating and making recommendations. A lot of work
here for all, including teachers whom have to have ownership of operational policies &
procedures. We all agreed the importanc
e of brief policies and ‘usable’ procedures.

That is all from Council for this update, we are currently meeting on a fortnightly basis.

Warm regards,



Class 3

Farming main lesson in class 3, Wish List.

We need to know if anyone k
eeps bees and would have us visit. Looking to purchase silk worms
too. I'd also like to access a box type mushroom farm if anyone knows where we can buy them.

We also need a large amount of manure, some watering cans, spare vegetable seeds and

along with any spare tools you may have laying about.

It would be a treat if anyone could tell us of their experiences in farming, life on a

the like.

Building main lesson Wish List

Hammers, hand drills, old timber for a box seat or two.


be gardening most afternoons except Tuesday and Wednesday, feel free to join in.

Please send blue school books back to school along with any crochet hooks that have made there
way home so I don't have to buy more.

Only 2 books have been made for class
members so far that I know of.

So it looks like some people need another end of term holiday to finish. Hopefully all the houses
will be in by our building main lesson and the fair so they can be displayed together.



Class 2

There will be a

Class 2 meeting next Monday afternoon 16th May to discuss School Fair and
Class 2 tea and cake (juice?) stall. If you are unable to attend the meeting but will be helping out
at the Fair, please talk with Peta Kerin at another time.



Class 1

Dear Parents, may I kindly draw your attention to the following:

A quick reminder that the parent meeting is next Wednesday 18th May at 7

9 PM. Bring
a torch to find your way! Any agenda items let me know.

Lost property outside the classroom is locat
ed in the basket if you are looking for that
odd sock or hair

Persevere with 'Show and Tell' items even if we haven't yet had the chance to appreciate

Plenty of filling food with the cold is helpful in morning tea and lunches.

We are now
placing our 'Little morning tea fruit snack' in a bowl outside class beforehand
so I can avoid traffic jams at the fridge and save time.

Don't forget to sign up outside the class
room. for the wheel barrow rides and our candle
dipping stall.

Icy Pole da
y is Thursday and Sushi etc Fridays.

Pick up on a Monday is outside the library as Carol releases them from Movement. We will
be reminding children that they are to stay and wait for us to collect them.

Assembly is first up on Mondays and school starts a
t 8.30AM

All the best to Holly and Sarah in their travels to Germany and elsewhere. We look
forward to your postcards!!

Lots of wonderful adults sharing our classroom space a

the moment. Katrina on Mondays with
recorder, Tobie for craft, Florian on Tu
esdays for German songs, Margie for gardening on

Thank you for all your wonderful help with all sorts of things. I look forward to our sharing next
Wednesday evening.

Take Care,


Kindy newsletter

Winter is fast approaching and the Kindy floors are cold. Can all Kindy parents please bring
slippers for their children. The slippers can be left at school.

A belated thank you to Brett and the kind men who moved the shade cloth to its new location
the sandpit. Thank you so much. It is greatly appreciated by us all.

Ruby Saltbush

As the weather cools our song circle revolves around chopping wood, building fires and the deep
underground work of gnomes gathering crystals. The children are enthusiastic

singers and learn
songs very quickly. With the change in weather the many extra jumpers are gleefully discarded
as the sun rises higher, and it is easier to reclaim them if they are labelled.

This term we will be doing parent/teacher conversations on Wed
nesday afternoons for 3 weeks.
Keep an eye on the door for a roster to enter your name. This is a chance for you to ask
questions and share observations about your child with me and is not compulsory at this age. I
do ask that these interviews be done with
out the child present out of respect for them.

We are really enjoying the return of Amelia in our class. It is lovely to reunite with old friends
and make some new ones too.

Many thanks,

Katy and Holly

Cassia Kindy.

We are making ‘little ones’ on Frida
y at 1.15pm again. Please feel welcome to join us for a
relaxing time outside handcrafting these tiny dolls.

Love Susanne.

Billy Button.

Thank you to all the parents who made it to our Parent meetings in week 3. It was great to get
together with you and t
alk about what has been happening in Billy Button and what term 2
holds. For those unable to be there, I mentioned this term we will be doing wet
wet painting
which we have now started. I also spoke about the need for children to have slippers or warm
hick socks for inside as the floor is quite cold. These slippers/socks can be left at the Kindy. We
are also coming straight inside in the mornings now so the children can take their lunch boxes
and fruit straight in and put it on the bench and stay inside

and begin playing.

Last week we made mothers day gifts with flowers picked from the garden. I hope you all
received yours and had a very lovely mother’s day!

Please also note that the roster for the
autumn fair has been put up by the door. Please add yo
ur name to a time slot that suits.

Many thanks,

M’Lis and Skye

From the Farm

It's looking good! If you haven't checked out the farm garden recently then now is the time to do
Eleven out of twelve rows are now planted, and the veggies are thriving on
their diet of
compost and rainwater.

Whilst there's a lot of work that has and needs to be done, a garden brings lots of joy,
sometimes in unexpected ways.

A willy
wagtail has made the garden its home over the past two months. He's very
and likes to stay close whilst the work is done. Recently he perched on wan
Yuma's foot as he weeded to rows
. I call him "Tjintjin" (a contraction of the Luritja name for
wagtails; Tjintjintirrpa) and he responds cheerily.

Come in quietly and say H

Bill Pechey

0432 567 838

Thank you to those who bought some seedlings from the class one stall. The kids were very
excited about seeing their seedlings sold and we bought a watering can with the money.


want you to have a good experience plant
ing these seedlings so please let us know if you
have troubles and we can refund your $$ ( just in case they were dodgy!).

We are growing them for the seed savers stall at the fair but they grew too quick!. We have
planted some in the school garden (than
ks Bill for supporting our endeavours) and hopefully we
can sell snow peas in the future.

Many thanks,

~ Class one gardeners.


Thanks to Katja for showing us how to make a formed doll head at Monday’s craft group, which
were then used to
produce beautiful pocket dolls. Thanks so much for giving us your precious
time Katja.

We will be using the next two Monday craft group mornings to finish off craft items and increase
our stocks of previously learnt craft creations. If you have some tim
e it would be great to see
you in the Playgroup room, Monday morning from 8.45


It would be greatly appreciated if you could bring all your craft items in over the next week so
that we can stocktake. If you haven’t finished your craft item, esp
ecially those who have taken
a felt animal home to sew, and don’t think you will get it finished before the Fair, please pop it
in the craft basket in the front office and someone else can carry on the love and care by
finishing it off.

We still have felt

animal sewing kits at the front office if you think you can whip up another
before the Fair.

Craft items can be left at the front office or with Lisa Kingma, Kylie Brown, Katja Lamb or

We very much appreciate everyone’s time, energy and
creativity in supporting the school at the
May Fair through the craft stall. Thank you all.

Any queries regarding the craft group please contact me on 8953 1472. Lisa Kingma is the craft
stall co
ordinator this year so if you have a query in that depart
ment please contact Lisa on
8952 0740.

Thanks everyone.

Kind regards, Ang

For the craft group





The excitement is rising, the 28

May is getting closer, the fun is getting
closer now is a great time to share the
fun and energy of the fair.

Autumn Fair

Autumn Fair Update

… pausing for a brief second to share with you what is most urgent…

Busy Bee.

An ALL SCHOOL clean up working
bee will be on Saturday the 21

from 8am. Please come along
and help make our school shine.

Friday Setup.

Please come along on 27th Friday to help set up. This is a BIG job and really needs you all…


They really are coming your way this week, I p
romise! Keep your eyes open and have a look in
the office later this week to see the magical basket!


You may need to do more than one slot, especially if you have children in several classes… both
Mama’s and Papa’s please!


Do you know of a
ny free standing shade structures? Yes? Ripper! Call me.


We need plenty of these to point people in the right direction / put prices on display and more.
If you have a spare kids easel or similar, please let me know ASAP

Lawn Sale.

The train

carriage is open for business and needs some filling!

Plants & Produce.

Keep bringing in your jams and chutneys, as well as any potted wonders you might

have for this
very popular stall.


Get baking and making for the Tea & Cake stall. If you nee
d advice on freezing, please contact
Peta on 0408837 649.


It would be a great pity not to have this stall…. Anyone know how to massage?


WE need some sushi rollers for Saturday morning…call me!


Please bring back any finished (or
unfinished) craft items so that we can get a picture of where
we are at.

I’m sure there's more but I swear I’m about to pop! Please do get in touch with your reps or
myself. WE need all hands on deck at this time to make it all turn into magic.

Huge thank
s to all
those who are busy behind the scenes… you will go straight to heaven I’m sure!


Cassia Kindergarten Lawn Sale

It’s that time of year again

Cassia Kindy Parents are hosting the Steiner Autumn Fair Lawn Sale
and we need your help!!

If you
have any of the below mentioned items available, to loan, please contact either, Kate or
Bianca to organize (details below).

Large baskets/laundry baskets for displaying clothes etc.


Old Carpet (relatively clean)

Sealed containers to store item in
for mouse proofing

(If you would like them back please label with name and contact no.)

Items to donate for the lawn sale will be graciously accepted. So get in and tidy out those
cupboards and sheds and see what you can offer! We greatly appreciate if i
tems are placed in
mouse proof containers/bags into the old train carriages.

…..and if you haven’t found a job yet for the Autumn Fair….your help is always greatly
appreciated for set
up or pack up. Please see roster posted at Cassia Kindy or call us!

Contact Details: Coordinating the Lawn Sale for Cassia Kindy

Kate Lloyd 0427 058 773

Bianca McCumiskey 0437 069 893

Raffle Books

Raffle books w
ill be going home today with the children and they need to be returned by
Tuesday the 24th May.




Plants required a great time to be potting

flowers, indoor plants, native or veggies/herbs. For
further enquiries please contact Marita 0488 505 622

Thank you


All articles in the Community Notices

are not necessarily t
he views of the

Alice Springs Steiner School


Lost & Found

At the Primary School Fair, I've lost a book of folk songs for violin, if found, please return to the
office. Thanks, Nic

Room for Rent

We have a room for rent in our home on
Northside. Our house is in a quiet street, with a lovely
garden, pool, and outdoor living area. Shared living expenses, furnished room $170 week. Please
Call Liesl on 0408 131 034.

Accommodation Needed

Wanted to rent

3 bedroom house (prefer east side) A
rid Lands Environment Centre, Water
Efficiency Manager.

Family with 3 small children arriving in May. House needed from early June for up to 2 years.
Can you help?

Please contact ALEC Convener (and Steiner parent)

Ruth Apelt

8953 5524; 0400 902 377


House For Rent

3 bedroom+ house available
Good yard, woollen carpet, heating, wooden floors.
Drive, contact Carol
more info 0425 484 821
//8953 1407


Accommodation Available

Short Term Accommodation Available daily/weekly rates.

(Unit 2)

1 bedroom fully
furnished and

equipped unit
, suitable

for 1 or 2


New split
system air conditioning/heating.

Very comfortable modern unit with a
ccess to
the p
. Only

15 minutes from CBD on rural property.

(Unit 1)

Long Term Rental 1 bedroom unit available 15 May, same location, furnished or

uiries: 89535020 l
e a


's mobile:


Fabric & Wool Clearance

I have had a huge clean out of my fabric & wool collection and would like to offer the Steiner
School community the opportunity to purchase at bargain prices.

Fabric: Good quality clothing fabrics like silks, linens, cottons, boxer shorts fabrics (mostly
children’s prints), evening fabrics and an abundance of children’s stretch fabrics (great for
making children’s pj’s) as well as plain stretch fabrics. Most fa
brics will be in 2 metre lengths

Cost will be $10.00 for 2 metres.

Wool: Mostly natural fibre yarns (a few synthetic yarns e.g. feathers), great for scarf and
beanie making, (especially with the beanie festival so close). All balls of wool are comple
te and
all will be $2.00 per ball.

For more information call Janene 8955 0587 or m: 0408 304 192

Relationships Australia

Relationships Australia is holding “Crystal Clear Communication” Classes over 3 sessions this

Dates: 1
, 8

and 15

June 2011

Place: 4/11 railway terrace

Cost: $25 per person and $40 for a couple

Booking Essential as places are limited

Please call reception on 89504100 to reserve your place

If you need any more information please let me know Thank you for your time

bekah Axe

Admin/ Reception

Relationships Australia, Northern Territory

P: 08 89504100 F: 08 89525878 E: